When looking for Real Estate Broker advice for the process of selling apartments in Panama or homes for sale in Panama, some things are important to keep in mind.

Going to a real estate consultant is one way to ensure that the whole process will be carried out in the best way. Also, it is a person who can be asked all kinds of questions that will help to make the purchase or rental safely and in the best conditions. Next, we’ll look at the most important questions you need to ask your real estate broker.

Real estate broker in Panama

Selling properties in Panama


If you want to sell a property in Panama, making all the relevant inquiries to the Real Estate Broker in Panama can help to carry out the process safely and guaranteeing the best results. That’s why some of the questions you can make to your real estate consultant include:

Time to sell

Every seller wants to know how long their property will be in the market. That’s why it never goes without asking questions that refer to the way the real estate agent is working to know what the whole process will be like. Some questions that can be asked, in this sense, are:

  • How is the real estate client portfolio composed?
  • What will the promotion of housing look like?
  • What media and broadcast are used?
  • What will the real estate agent’s job look like from now on?
  • What can be done to make the property sell faster?


In addition to the above, it is important to resolve all doubts regarding the costs of the process. Every seller should know if any particular tax should be paid, how much the real estate agent will earn in commission, among other things. However, the costs of possible documents and formalities to be carried out should also be consulted. And, in turn, every seller must know at what price their property will be put on the market.


Buy a property in Panama


When you are a buyer, it is important to have certain sure to be able to access the dream home with the best conditions. Therefore, it is important to go to the Real Estate Broker in Panama, since it is the person who will have the necessary information regarding the legal terms, but also the characteristics of the properties that are for sale or rent. There are many questions you can ask a real estate consultant when you are looking to buy properties in Panama.

The location

One of the first questions may be linked to the location of the properties. Within such inquiries, it is important to ask down to the smallest detail, to have guarantees as to where you plan to move. Some of the most important questions may have to do with area features, what security is like there if there are incident reports. But questions should also be asked as to whether it is a commercial area, what services can be accessed from there, what the means of transport are like, whether there are schools and medical services nearby, among other things.

In addition to the above, questions can be asked regarding the location landscape and recreational options. To learn more about it, it is recommended that you have spent time before thinking about what things you want to have nearby and what kind of landscape and accessibility is expected so that you can ask effective questions that indicate whether or not a property is what you are looking for.

Legal issues

Even if not much is understood on the subject, if you are thinking of buying properties in Panama, it is very important to ask questions regarding the legal terms. Real estate consultants have all the necessary information about it and must be able to provide it for the peace of mind of the buyers when proceeding.

It is important to check that the house does not have inheritance problems and know if it has gone through any judicial process. Also, it can always be useful to know the case and the reasons that have led to this process if it exists. But you should also ask if the property has all the documents up to date or if there is any type of overdue service invoice.

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When you have an interest in new properties, you may reduce the questions to ask about infrastructure. Despite this, you can always gain security by asking, for example, about the quality of the materials on the property. It is also possible to make inquiries regarding possible problems of moisture, leaks, and conflicts with sanitary water.

When the property is not new, it is important to ask other questions. Some of the most important is how many years the building has, whether there are major repairs that have been made in recent years, whether you have ever had problems with pipes or wiring, or also how many owners have gone through that property.


Many times, when looking for properties in Panama, it is possible to encounter floors that have been renovated. In these cases, you should know the modifications that the property has suffered over time. It is also very important to know whether housing needs certain reforms that have not been done before and, in this sense, to consult the seriousness of the situation to analyze the costs of these reforms. In turn, in this case, it is important to consult about who is responsible for performing and paying for these reforms and whether it is necessary to apply for any particular license to do so. This can condition whether or not to buy a home.


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