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Panama is considered today one of the best countries to live in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is due to the immense growth it has had over the past few decades. But, within Panama, some places stand out especially. Such is the case of Avenida Balboa. If you’re on Avenida Balboa, you’re in the heart of everything. That’s why we’re going to tell you about the benefits of looking for properties on Avenida Balboa.


Traditionalism and modernity


Seen quickly, it could be said that the famous Avenida Balboa is a place full of contrasts. It’s a place where two worlds are used. On the first hand, it is a space of great new architectural monuments, an imposing shopping center, a place full of world-class restaurants, and a mecca of shopping. But it is also the site where fishing for local fishermen is unloaded at dawn. The place where fresh ceviches are served at the Seafood Market. Avenida Balboa is a space in which tradition coexists, which tells the history of this part of Panama with innovation and future.

Impressive shopping mall


If you are looking for properties in Panama, proximity to commercial spaces can be very important. Avenida Balboa is in the heart of the new luxury infrastructure for sales. So much, the area is considered “the new Miami” for the elite of fashion in Latin America.


Cultural explosion


Both Avenida Balboa and its surroundings have become strong focal points for all the renowned events that take place in Panama City. This has long been an attraction for people arriving from all over the world. Avenida Balboa is home to various conferences and conventions, concerts, ballet shows, triathlons, electronics parties, among many other possibilities.

A gastronomic paradise


Fashion is not the only thing that can be accessed by investing in real estate in Avenida Balboa. This area is full of great gastronomic alternatives. These range from vegetarian restaurants to restaurants with extensive gluten-free menus. But, also, we can access typical meals from France, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, among a wide list of countries. Certainly, the Seafood Market is one of the most popular alternatives. In addition, we should highlight that most of the restaurants in Panama have access to Avenida Balboa, with practically infinite options.

The great nightlife


Panama is a young city. Much of the entertainment in the city is located on Avenida Balboa, El Cangrejo and Casco Viejo. Bars abound in the area and some of the most important nightclubs in the country are also present there. From Majestic Casinos to Cinepolis, the night offer on Avenida Balboa is endless. But we should also note that this area is home to the Theatre Guild of Ancón, an institution that presents great English productions and is, at the same time, a field of entertainment for great actors in the industry.

Unique location


In addition to the aspects mentioned above, Avenida Balboa stands out for its location. This means that it is a point from which you can reach anywhere in Panama City in a few minutes. If you are looking to buy a house in Panama, from Avenida Balboa you can ride a bike, take public transport or drive to any other point of the city in a short time, so you are close to everything.

Family security


As time goes on, the benefits of moving to Balboa Avenue as a family become increasingly recognized. It is, first of all, a very safe area to go out with children. In addition, it is close to several excellent nurseries and bilingual schools. The options for outdoor enjoyment for the whole family are the best in the city and very varied. One of the favorite spaces to enjoy as a family is the Cinta Costera, which is considered one of the most important attractions in the city.

Finally, we must highlight the Cinta Costera itself. It is an ideal place for those who enjoy doing physical activity outdoors, going for a run, among other possibilities. It has 9 kilometers of beautiful walks and modern training equipment. The Cinta Costera has features playgrounds for kids, training stations, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, and much more.


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