We continue with the ten essential principles when taking pictures of your properties, to rent or sell, and that you achieve greater effectiveness, remember to follow these principles so you can excellently project the properties.

Vertical lines

Lines are a powerful element in a photo, so much so that by learning to use them correctly you can add a dynamic effect to your image as well as being a focal guide when directing your viewer’s gaze towards the main element of your capture . It conveys a sense of stability so try to make these lines look perfectly straight. It is important because when a photo of a property has non-alienated walls it gives a feeling that something is wrong and this will not be convenient as you will distract your potential buyer.


For some photos you will have to generate high and stable perspectives, for which you will have to use tripods with extra long legs, this point is very important for your photos, as well as generating stability for your photos, rather than with the raised hand. Little by little, as you use the tripod, you will notice the differences in the photos of the properties. There is nothing more disastrous in an image of properties than an unstable photo, do not do this, the only thing that generates is the disinterest in your potential clients.

A lot of light

It is very tedious to have to edit a photo when it has a lot of light, and if you do not have a photo editing program, we recommend you watch the entrance of the light through the windows of the house or apartment, this excessive light will obstruct your photography and distract to your buyer.


Do not let strong colored light screens distract attention. Light screens, acrylics and colored lights distract attention from what property really is. We recommend avoiding this type of screens in your photographs, whether they are external or internal, remember you must generate warm environments with a good vibe.


The way you show your photos has a great impact, so try to present them in a large size of 800 x 600 pixels and ensure that the way they are projected is dynamic, so that the buyer can browse them comfortably. Remember to also support your social networks when presenting your photos.

As a real estate broker remember that you can take these photos on your own or hire a professional photographer, if you do it on your own, try to be accompanied by someone when you go to take the photos so they can support you. Remember that you are a real estate agent and there are clients who trust you so you should always present the best of the properties you have for sale or rent.

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