Over the past decade, Panama has been gaining more and more interest in buying property and investing in real estate. The country’s real estate market has been in constant growth and continuous improvement for several years now. The growing migration from countries in Latin America, Europe, and the United States has led to an increase in residential projects. The expansion of the Panama Canal and roadways improvement projects have helped to increase the attractiveness of Panama. Next, we’ll look at everything you need to know to invest in real estate in Panama.

Is Panama a good option to invest in real estate?


There are many reasons that answer this question. We mentioned which they are.

International banking center

Panama is a country that ranks No. 1 in the American region for having suited its financial services to business needs. Today, the country is home to nearly 90 world-class local and international banks. These facilitate legal processes so that those arriving in the country can obtain mortgages, as well as international bank transfer processes for the separation of properties and fertilizers.


A quiet and safe place

Panama is considered a quiet place for those who choose to live there or generate tourist properties. The country is qualified to a high standard of safety. In addition, its economic stability makes it a country of interest to many people arriving from other countries or continents.


Excellent shopping opportunities

Today, in Panama, it is possible to enjoy all kinds of residential complexes with new, modern, and innovative structures at affordable prices, especially when compared to some countries in Europe and the United States. In the real estate sector, over the last few years, it has been adapted to the new demands of the market, always being at the forefront of technology and infrastructure. The growth of Panama City, but also of the urban areas around it, today offers a great diversity of services, prices, and alternatives for all tastes and needs.


Investment destination

Panama’s growth over the past few years has been so important that it has become a global destination for real estate investment. It is now regarded as one of the international benchmarks in this regard. Today, investing in a residential complex ensures well-being and stability, but also excellent business opportunities and future economic development.

Tourist attractions

Panama has long been positioned as a tourist destination for excellence. In addition to the growing investment of people who choose to live in Panama, investment in real estate for tourism purposes has grown substantially. One of the main reasons for this concerns the country’s own geographical location, whose beaches are bathed, on one side and the other, by two oceans: the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In the beach areas of the country have been built interesting and modern resorts and commercial, with an advanced infrastructure. In addition, it is important to remember that the country has more than 1,000 islands where this real estate growth is also observed for tourism purposes.

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Panamá Bienes Raíces

The best places to invest in real estate in Panama City

Within Panama City, there are many places that are consolidated as the best places to live or invest in properties for various purposes. We will see what are these areas of interest in which it is possible to find magnificent properties.


Bella Vista

Bella Vista is located near The Cinta Costera. It is one of the areas with the greatest movement for the young population, due to the characteristics of its nightlife and leisure activities. It is a place that mixes the old with the modern, being one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city, but at the same time one of the most bohemian and with more cultural and artistic development.


Avenida Balboa

In this case, we refer to a luxurious area with beautiful views of Bahía de Panamá and the Cinta Costera. It is the most coveted residential location in the country for its beautiful skyscrapers and modern and avant-garde architecture. In turn, it is one of the most demanded sites by foreigners who come to live in the country.


Santa María 

Another luxury place in Panama City is Santa María. It is a place that mixes modern life with traditional and historical architecture. It is also an area of a very wide real estate offer with options for all tastes, needs, and lifestyles that may appear. The ones who are looking for this area especially are athletes and golfers.


Costa del Este

Finally, within the Juan Díaz township, we find one of the most exclusive urban lands in Panama City. Residential projects on Costa del Este are highly recommended for investors looking to establish a family life. This is due to the characteristics of the place, to be safe and to its multiple areas of enjoyment and recreation.