Humidity in the House and How to Reduce It

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High humidity feels awful. In many countries including Panama, humidity in the house is a well-known problem. This happens due to the fact that Panama is close to the sea. There are also other reasons for humidity, such as rain, water leaks, or just the humidity of the environment in which we live.

Too much humidity can bring many problems. It can damage the wall painting, furniture made of wood and cause unpleasant odors. So, how can you reduce the humidity levels?

1. Using an air conditioner will help reduce humidity inside the house, because it brings in cool air, and at the same time it removes warm and humid air. Don’t forget to change the filters from time to time to keep a proper airflow.

2. We like to take hot showers, but the result of hot showers is humid air. That doesn’t mean you need to take cold showers, but lowering the temperature of your showers a little is good to avoid adding a lot of steam to the air, which as a result will create humidity.

3. Broken and leaking pipes, roofs and rain leaks, can all add moisture. Fix any leaks you have or ask a professional to do it. stained drywall, wet spots, and irregular water bills, can all indicate you have a leak.

4. Sure, the plants in your house are beautiful, but they also release quite a lot of moisture in the house and increase the humidity levels. If possible, put the plants outside or in a room you know is well ventilated.

5. some people don’t have a dryer, some people have one, but there are cloths they can’t put in a dryer. The solution is to use a drying rack. The problem is, that in the summer, those clothes will create humidity in the house. If possible, it is recommended to hang your cloths on a clothes line or a drying rack outside the house.

6. Open the windows. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Just opening your windows can help lower the humidity levels in the house. Of course you should do it when the air conditioner is off, so you won’t waste money cooling your house when all the cold air is escaping outside.

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