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Small rooms are usually so small that you can only fit one bed and perhaps a closet. This is why decorating small rooms can be quite a challenge for interior design. However, you can play with spaces and make a small room look bigger.
An important thing to note, the bedroom needs to reflect relaxation and serenity, therefore we shouldn’t overdecorate it. If we overdecorate it, it may influence the feeling of relaxation and deprive us from getting a good rest.

The key is to decorating a small room, is to take advantage of the space that is available, and transform it little by little while taking into consideration the original structure of the room. Also note that you can use many natural resources, such as light and plants, to make a small space look bigger than it is.

Here are a few resources that can help you decorate small rooms:

1. Mirrors: If you don’t have a lot of natural light, mirrors can help you. They are simple but can be very powerful. They allow a space to look much bigger and increase the brightness.

2. Floor: Being able to walk freely and comfortably in a small room is important. In order to keep the floor clear of obstacles, try floating furniture, like shelves and nightstands. Doing this will create extra space in the room and give you more storage space beneath the furniture if you even need one.

3. Color of the walls: If we want the room to look bigger than it is, we need to deal with the walls. Painting the walls in white won’t make them less visible to the eye. If you paint the room with darker colors, the room will look smaller.

4. Lighting: If you have large windows in the room, don’t cover them with curtains or anything else. Natural light is important to make the room look bigger. On the other, if lack natural light because you have small or nonexistent windows, light the room with white light and don’t use yellow light.

5. Rugs: If you want the room to look bigger, definitely don’t go for a small rug. A small rug will make the room feel small. If you want to put a rug in the room, pick a rug that’s large enough so most of the furniture will sit on it.

6. Large bed: You might think that a small bed is better and will give the room more space, but the opposite is true. Although a large bed will take more space, it will also give you the feeling that your room is bigger.

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