7 Tips for Beach Property Decor

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1. When decorating beach apartments, your decoration needs to reflect relaxation, comfort and detachment. Decorating a beach house or apartment, is about simplicity and freshness. There are no specific guidelines to follow. It’s up to what you like.

2. As opposed to a usual home, in a beach apartment, you don’t need as many things, so that is why the simplicity in decoration is essential. Since the purpose is to create spaces of relaxation, we don’t want something that will visually look very heavy.

3. One of the most common styles in beach houses, is the Mediterranean style, which mixes materials and natural colors. When decorating beach apartments, it’s preferred to use the colors blue, white and green – it gives the apartment a fresh, bright and comfortable style, and also give brightness to the room. It is not recommended to use dark colors. This will make the rooms in the apartment look smaller.

4. Another option is using what is called earth colors, such as beige, white, brown, light chocolate, sand and combining them with wooden furniture, to give a unique touch to that apartment.

5. Combining bright colors with natural elements such as plants or wood together with photographs and pictures with beach landscapes, will make you feel like you are in a paradisiac beach.

6. When deciding on furniture for the beach apartment or house, it is recommended not to use delicate materials or materials that can oxidize. The furniture can be made of several materials, but the most popular and stylish to use in a beach property are wood finishes and painted in earth colors. You can put tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs and even sun loungers. When choosing outdoor materials, make sure they are resistant to the sun and high temperatures.

7. When choosing materials for the floors, you have a few options, like marbles, granites and terraces. Again, in this case also, it is recommended to avoid delicate materials. Using these kinds of materials for the floors of the apartment, along with simple furniture, will give your beach property a fashionable style.

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