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If you are interested in being part of and developing in the real estate market, Acobir is the best alternative for you. Being a member of Acobir allows access to a lot and diversity of benefits, including information, national and international projection, as well as significant discounts on the most important platform for real estate brokers. Everything you want to know about how to join  Acobir is told below.

Why joining Acobir?


Acobir is the Panamanian Association of Brokers and Real Estate Promoters. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1973. He has carried out a very important work of union representativeness in the real estate sector of the country. Since its inception, it has sought to bring together professionals in the real estate industry, who offer services under the parameters of their status and code of ethics. In particular, it aims to strengthen professionalism comprehensively through good practices.

As part of Acobir, professionals access trade unions and institutional representation before the government of Panama and the international body. Acobir guarantees credibility and prestige, but also ethics in professional development. Participating in  Acobir, he is part of the largest network of real estate professionals in Panama. And it also represents an opportunity to participate in working committees to offer their contribution to the real estate sector.

At Acobir, professionals can acquire constant training through talks, webinars, and courses.  Access to the  EduAcobir portal, which offers courses of all kinds, is provided. In addition, discounts are accessed on the participation of international events, as well as the important annual event represented by the National Congress of Brokers and Real Estate Promoters.

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How to join Acobir?


If you are looking for the best space for real estate workers in Panama,  Acobir is the solution for you. The requirements for membership in  Acobir will depend on the characteristics of each particular applicant. That is, they will depend on whether it is a natural person, a legal entity, a promoter, or corporate members.

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Requirements for natural people


If you want to join as a natural person, the requirements are:

  • Copy of the Real Estate Broker’s License
  • Three letters of reference from members belonging to the association
  • Copy of personal identity card
  • Copy of License Term Certification
  • MLS Regulation Code Signing
  • Acobir Code of Ethics Signature in  force
  • Payment of the admission fee and the first monthly payment

Requirements for legal entities


If you are interested in joining Acobir as  a legal entity, the requirements are as follows:

  • Copy of legal representative’s personal identity card
  • Commercial license copy (or operations permit)
  • Real Estate Broker License Copy
  • Copy of Legal License Effective Certification
  • Copy of Certification of the Public Registry of the Company
  • Photo id of the representative to  Acobir
  • Copy of the representative’s certificate to Acobir
  • Three letters of reference from members belonging to the association
  • MLS Code of Regulations Signing
  • Acobir Code of Ethics Signature in  force
  • Payment of the admission fee and first monthly payment

You can also know the requirements to enroll in  Acobir as a promoter and as a corporate member.

Benefits of joining Acobir


Acobir is a guild committed to the real estate sector and Panama. In this sense, it seeks to perfect the different processes of the real estate business. It also seeks to raise industry standards for the benefit of market customers.

There are many benefits of belonging to Acobir.  One of them has to do with the credibility involved in belonging to a career and leadership guild in the sector. In addition, the right to use the  Acobir logo in advertising and communications is accessed,  as well as a membership pin and a certificate that gives an account as well. The membership directory is accessed.

With Acobir, members access connectivity and discounts with the best providers through the Benefits Program. Invitations are accessed for general assemblies and other events that may take place.  Acobir members have access to up-to-date information about the real estate industry and the use of the Multiple Listing Service. Finally, Acobir members have  discounts on Congresses, Seminars, and Real Estate Expo. Joining  Acobir offers a member-only benefits program.



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