How to start the real estate career in Panama?

¿Cómo iniciar la carrera de bienes raíces en Panamá?

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The real estate sector remains constantly growing over time. It is a profession that draws on technological advances and new ways of seeking housing, but remaining as a career that will continue to be necessary over the years. If you are looking to become a real estate broker in Panama, find out all about how to do it below.

Importance of real estate licensing


If you are interested in making a career in real estate in Panama, obtaining the license is a mandatory requirement for this in the country. Both Panamanians and permanent residents in Panama for more than 5 years are plausible to be chosen for the license. In addition, through obtaining this license, you access the knowledge of the laws and what is linked to the profession, in order to be able to do a good professional exercise within the framework of the Law.

Education is one of the pillars for real estate brokers. Therefore, those who decide to carry out this task professionally can access different alternatives of vocational training, courses, and workshops linked to the sector.

Requirements for obtaining a real estate license in Panama


To apply for a real estate license on the Technical Board of Real Estate at the Ministry of Trade and Industries (MICI), as a natural person, certain requirements must be met. The most important is to have passed the general knowledge exam on real estate brokerage. If that is achieved, certification can be applied for.

Why form in Acobir?


Acobir is the Panamanian Association of Brokers and Real Estate Promoters. It offers the possibility for those who want to be real estate brokers to prepare with the best teachers in the area. Teachers who have not only vast experience but also a wide range of knowledge in the profession. By going to these study options, you will be able to obtain the knowledge that is needed regarding the sector and essential concepts to be able to perform well in the examination of the Technical Board of Real Estate.

Acobir offers a virtual mode of study today. The duration of the preparation is 1 week, consisting of 5 virtual classes of 4 hours each. Academic hours are divided into two: 20 synchronous hours and 20 asynchronous hours.

Acobir’s educational workshops aim for innovation. They focus especially on strengthening the skills and competencies a real estate professional needs for successful performance. It is also committed to training professionals who can adapt to Panama’s demanding and changing real estate market.

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Acobir and international certifications


“Since 2016, ACOBIR has maintained a strategic alliance with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which allows members of our association to opt for Certified International Property Specialists (CIPS), Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) and Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) considered being the best international real estate designations in the world, backed by the largest professional association in the United States, with one million members, which includes institutes, societies, and councils involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial sectors”.


In addition to the above, Acobir has signed a memorandum of understanding with the global professional association of real estate appraisers Appraisal Institute. Since then, Acobir’s aggressed have gained access to education and professional development programs in the field of international standards. They can, in turn, join a world-class community of more than 20,000 professionals in the sector. The community is now distributed among 60 countries around the world.

Acobir is also a principal member of the International Federation of Real Estate Professionals in Panama. This allows its members to join and be part of that large business real estate network. This network brings together more than 2 million professionals in the sector and is in more than 67 countries on 5 continents. It is also part of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Also, the guild is the founder of the Latin American Real Estate Confederation. It consists of 18 countries and 440,000 real estate brokers. In this way, it is a valuable opportunity for the sector in Panama, allowing integration and rapprochement with new alliances and visions.

Meet Eduacobir



Following the above, Acobir offers different alternative courses and training workshops for real estate brokers. It is with this objective that Eduacobir arises. Eduacobir provides structured courses in virtual and online mode so that people can organize and advance according to their possibilities and their times. Courses that seek to bring together knowledge, tools, and innovations to achieve the professional goals of each person who wants to work in the field.

In Acobir courses, you can find the keys and strategies that help create and enhance a real estate business. It aims to combine experience, learning, and innovation, understanding the combination of these factors as the key to growing professionally and commercially in the real estate market.


Learn all about Acobir’s training options and start your career in the industry.



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