Every day young people take an important role in the real estate market and the preferences and demands of young people have begun to adapt the way these businesses are made, selling and renting apartments, houses or properties leading Panama to adapt to these adjustments too.

Specialized real estate investment magazines such as U.S News give us some tips to reach this millennial market with greater effectiveness:

No Phone calls:

Quite a challenge, but guys prefer to send emails or just chat via whatsapp, since it is more practical for them, it is their natural environment, remember they are tech savvy.


When they contact a broker they have already reviewed many options and know what they want, the real estate broker should only support them to take the last steps.

No surprises:

Again, they know what they want and when they want it, they need to be clear of each process of buying or selling the property, so the real estate agent must be very transparent when advising.

Speed, ​​that’s what they expect:

Have a cell phone with internet, answers are instantly through Google, so brokers must be quick to meet this type of customer.

Social networks:

Networks are already in the genes of young people, so Panamanian real estate companies and brokers must be up to date on this issue because it is a sales channel that young people use a lot to verify information and feel part of the process, be sure before contacting you they already saw your profile.

Exact definition of necessary documents and papers:

The young boys want to leave the process quickly and they will give you all the papers you need to advance the process, but important the broker must be diligent and ask right away everything and not in parts, also must be prepared for these documents to be sent by mail or chat.

They want to invest:

Finding a house or an apartment for young people is a challenge, but when they like a house they are willing to invest as long as the costs and expenses are manageable, so the advice of the brokers is of vital importance.

If you are young and you feel identified because you are in this process of buying or renting a property, we invite you to get advised with our brokers, they have experience and will know how to give you the support you need in this big step, click here and contact them.