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One of the features that adds more value to real estate is the location, and in many cases this feature is highlighted more than many other amenities.

It is true that the location is very convenient and more if it is a central location, close to shops, schools and points of interest, however, if the house or apartment that a real estate agent is selling does not have this feature will have a great challenge.

A real estate broker should know that he has a number of amenities that can add more value than the location, in case this is not his advantage. It only depends on how you can present the comfort or advantage that your project has, so that they exert value at the moment they are presented to the future buyer.

One of the features that can help you a lot as a seller is the speed that you can give them at closing, either with the process of approvals or legal procedures, which is one of the greatest comforts a buyer can be tempted, since It is an intangible feature, but one that seems the best to the buyer. This can give you an advantage against your potential competitors.

On the other hand, you must give value to the spaces that your project has, so at the time of presenting the property to a potential buyer, make sure it is presented, that the furniture and decorative elements add value to that property and that you as an agent you can take advantage of this, at the end, spaces are where family will spend the rest of the time.

The kitchen, you can highlight this feature since many of the downtown projects have kitchens with very little space, and many of the families would value this feature, but it is very important that you can study your buyer correctly, because if you try to highlight this characteristic and is not in the segment of interest, you may be wasting out your energies.

Safety, more than a characteristic would be a requirement, so people value it a lot, since being safe and comfortable in your home is essential, so if you have this value in your list, take advantage and highlight it, if your project has security cameras take your potential buyers to see all that detail, if you have perimeter fences also shows that feature, take it to the security gate and explain all the security process that is within the project, this will undoubtedly be a point to assess for your possible client.

People when buy a house or apartment, do so with mixed emotions since it is an exciting goal that they are about to fulfill because a large part of the buyers during a prolonged period of time, have gathered that money to make this investment. That is why it is in you to be able to offer the best you have, and that is why the quality that you can offer to your buyers depends a lot on you, always highlights the best features that may suit your potential buyer.

In conclusion the location is important, but there are more things than a location and those things are what people want to buy and you have to give them.

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