Furnished or Unfurnished When Renting

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When renting an apartment, there are a few things to consider, such as price, location, neighborhood, etc. Another factor to consider is whether to choose a property that is furnished or unfurnished. The choice of renting furnished or unfurnished depends on your specific needs.

Renting a Furnished Property:

1. Convenience

A big advantage of renting furnished property is that it’s a very easy and convenient option. Once you found your desired apartment, you can move in immediately and easily without dragging furniture with you. Same thing goes with you decide you no longer wish to stay in that apartment, you can just move out easily and quickly.

2. Higher rent and security deposit

Furnished apartment means there is a bigger chance for damage to the furniture. In order to protect himself in covering the cost of damaged furniture, landlords can ask for a higher rent and higher deposits for furnished properties.

3. Flexibility

If you’re a student or a young couple trying to save money and don’t have furniture of your own, or you just want to move in quickly, a furnished property can be a great benefit. This can also be a good solution in case you do have some furniture but you prefer not to bring them in since you don’t plan to rent that apartment for long.

Renting an Unfurnished Property:

1. Storage costs for the landlord

If the landlord’s apartment is already furnished and you want to bring in your own furniture, the landlord must arrange for storage for his furniture. This will result in additional costs for him and therefore he can ask for higher rent.

2. Less risk of losing your security deposit

When renting an unfurnished or semi- furnished apartment, there is much less chance for damage and wear and tear. When signing your lease, it’s important to make an inventory of the items in the house. Make sure it states clearly that you will only be financially responsible for the items that are supplied with the apartment and nothing more than that, so you won’t end up paying bills on things you are not responsible for.

In conclusion, Deciding whether to rent a furnished or an unfurnished property will depend on a number of factors, as listed above.
If you are starting out, or not planning for a long term lease, consider a furnished property. But if you are planning on staying there for a few years, it may be worth to get your own furniture.

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