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How workspaces are designed directly impacts worker productivity and business growth capacity. In this sense, choosing the best office for the needs of each company or every worker can be a challenge. Next, we’re going to tell you the keys to keep in mind when choosing a rental office in Panama.

Think about the space


The first step in choosing an office for rent is to think about how much space is required. This means how many square meters might be needed depending on the number of employees in the company or how the activity is carried out. In general, it is recommended that, if it consists of various employees, the jobs are well delimited and there may be private offices in which to hold meetings, called, among other things.

Ensuring safety


In a work environment, safety is very important. Being able to work in an environment with access control and a good security system will help the peace of mind of employees, as well as the operation of daily activities.

Find a good location


In Panama, you can find excellent office areas. Location is one of the most important aspects, as it affects access to various services. Where a company or office is located is decisive for its success and competitiveness. The location will lay the solid foundation for the activity.

Have connections


When we talk about connections, we are referencing the proximity to different means of public transport. This is what will allow employees to move to and from the office easily and be more productive in their tasks.

Taking care of the quality


Whenever you are looking to rent an office in Panama, it is very important to know the status of the place before signing. This includes knowing the age of the building and the office itself, the materials with which it has been manufactured, its air conditioning, its insulation, among other things. It certainly includes information regarding arrangements and repairs that may be necessary. One way to be certain about this is by going to real estate agents. In MLS you can access more than 400 highly qualified agents who will help you find the establishment that best suits what you are looking for.

Know the added expenses


Not always the expenses to be charged are covered by the contract. Occasionally, other expenses may appear that were not planned. If this happens and you are not prepared for it, it can impact the operation of the business or company. therefore, it is very important to consider all the expenses that may arise. In this, we include some such as cleaning, maintenance, among other things.

Seek flexibility


Today, flexibility is seen as a critical point to increase employee productivity if they have them. Therefore, it is recommended to look for flexible schedule and availability offices, to provide greater comfort to workers and, from there, optimize the results of their working days.

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Have good lighting


Certainly, every office requires good artificial lighting. However, if most of it can be replaced by natural light, better results will be obtained. It has been shown that people can concentrate more when working with more natural than artificial light. This makes them work more in less time, makes them more productive. Therefore, finding out how much natural light you enter and how to optimize it if it is not enough is a key point when renting an office.

Taking care of your Internet connection


Panama is considered to be one of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean with greater access to services. This includes Internet access. The Internet is critical in contemporary offices. Today, more and more work is being carried out over the network. That’s why it’s impossible to think of an office without the Internet. When looking for an office for rent, it is very important that it has good equipment and good connection and is adaptable to the latest technologies in the market, in order to function properly according to the needs of your business or company.

Create a pleasant atmosphere


Finally, that the atmosphere is pleasant and pleasant will have a direct impact on people’s ability to work. Employees will feel more at ease and will be able to better carry out their tasks. Therefore, it is important to observe the spaces, their distribution, their lighting, and their colors to make the environment as pleasant as possible.


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