6 Tips to Organize Your Home

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Moving to a new house is a great opportunity to start over fresh and get your house properly organized. You can also use these tips to organize your home even if you are not moving to a new place.

1. Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Need

When you start packing your house, you need to get rid of what you don’t use or need. Pack each room and only move to the next one when you are finished with it. Go through everything you have and decide if you want to donate it or throw it away. It’s also a good opportunity to sell things you don’t need.

2. Organize Your Kitchen

For a detailed explanation on how to organize your kitchen, please click here.

3. Use Storage Solutions

There are plenty of storage solutions available, such as drawer and decorative boxes. Buying these storage solutions will ensure that there won’t be any items being left out. You can also use drawer dividers to organize small things in all your drawers.

4. Use labels

Label maker is definitely a worthwhile investment, especially if you have children. Another option is just to use a pen and stickers to make your own labels. Use Labels on everything, so that way you know where anything goes.

5. Use a Filing System

To prevent paper from piling up on the kitchen table or any other place in the house or even your office, buy a filing system. system must be easy to use. You can use it to put different bills, insurance information etc.

6. Organize Your Bathroom

This is even more important if you’re sharing a bathroom with someone else. Bathrooms are usually a small space, and in that space you need to store toilet paper, cleaning products, lotions, soaps, medicine and toothbrushes.

Find the right size basket for what you need to store and hang it on the wall or on a shelf. In the basket you can store things like towels, makeup, and even hair dryers.

Install a shelf or two above the toilet. Use these shelves to store a few rolls of toilet paper and small containers to store cotton balls or swabs.

Get towel ladders as these provide lots of room to hang towels. They just look cool and add so much more character than hooks or bars.

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