When you are going to undertake the sale of properties in Panama, many myths are usually present. Some of these myths discourage or create fear or discomfort. That’s why we’ll then look at some of the most common myths that often appear about selling a home and why they’re not true.

Can only be sold in the summer months

There’s nothing less true than this. Although it is a myth that has expanded considerably over time, it is not true that you should wait until the summer months like January, February, March to sell a home. People search for homes and apartments throughout the year and for various reasons that cannot be reduced to a single reason. Indeed, sometimes families with school-age children often wait for the completion of the school course to move in, but it should not be thought that most homebuyers are in that situation or with that priority.

The state of the property is not important

Being guided by this myth can be a serious mistake that leads to the housing not being sold or sold in a very long time. Many homeowners choose not to invest anything when selling their homes because they often think that a large amount of money is required to make major structural changes. This is not true.

When it comes to making arrangements in a house to put it up for sale, we’re talking about small adjustments, in general. We talk about the painting of the home, the aesthetics of the garden in case there is one, what the facade looks like, arrangements of supports, or other fundamental objects that may be all or that do not work. Making these small arrangements with a moderate amount of money can make the difference between a house that spent many months on the market or one sold in a short time. In this respect, we also include what has to do with order and cleanliness. Showing a dirty, messy house can be a big mistake that discourages potential buyers.

You can sell a house in solitude

Another myth that has spread over time has to do with a person being able to sell a home in absolute solitude and without needing anyone. However, if you want to achieve good results in the sale, it is important to go-to real estate professionals in Panama to make the sale in the best way. In this sense, it is recommended to go to professional real estate agents who know the market and who can accompany and advise in the best way to achieve the sale of the house.

The exterior is not important

In addition to the myths mentioned above, it is often thought that the exterior of a home is not as important as the interior. Let’s think about this myth by taking the same example to the apparel. If we go through a clothing business, we don’t enter it to ask for a garment only when we already know what the characteristics of its fabric are like. On the contrary, we do it when we see it in the stained glass window and we like what it looks like. Something similar happens to the houses. The facade of a house is very important to generate a good impression. A good impression of the exterior can condition that a person is well predisposed to see the rest of the house.

You don’t need to tidy up the house when you show it

Many people agree to make the necessary arrangements when selling a property. However, they often neglect the order and cleanliness of the house when they are going to show it to potential customers. Professionals recommend that homes be attractive to a variety of tastes when it comes to showing them. What it’s all about is highlighting the best features of the home. This can be achieved through order and cleanliness, as well as improving the overall lighting of the house.

When buying properties in Panama, if the house is dirty or messy at the time of display, even if all the necessary arrangements have been made, buyers may become discouraged. It should be noted that the state in which the house is displayed will generate an image of the seller in buyers. We must keep in mind that building trust in potential customers is essential to achieve good results, so it is very important to present a clean, cared for, and tidy house.

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