Real estate in Panama: factors that highlight the country

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Over the past decade, Panama has become and consolidated as the best destination for real estate investment and property purchasing. This has led not only to strong growth in terms of service infrastructure but also in terms of residential properties and projects. Many of these are also linked to the increasing migration of people from the United States, other Latin American countries, and Europe. Large works such as the expansion of the Panama Canal, the Panama Metro, and landway improvement projects have also contributed to the country’s appeal.

With this in mind, properties investment in Panama has grown substantially. Next, let’s see what are the main factors and aspects that highlight the country in this regard and why investing in real estate in this place can be an excellent alternative.

Panama is the most important international financial center in America


Panama has long been regarded as a true financial capital. It is featured at No. 1 in the Americas due to its ability to adapt financial services to business needs. Today, Panama hosts a total of more than 88 banks, both local and international including some of a very eminent level in global terms. This greatly facilitates processes for citizens and residents in Panama as well as for those arriving from abroad. Which is also convenient for international bank transfers and separations of homes and properties.

It is a quiet place to live and with excellent access to services


Many people come to invest in real estate in Panama as a result of the great benefits that the country implies in terms of lifestyle. In this sense, we can say that Panama is not only a place where the real estate sector is booming and growing, but it is also a place considered very safe to live and quiet. International studies have rated it as a high standard of safety. In addition, its economic stability stands out which makes it ideal for establishing and generating businesses, companies, and entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, due to its steady growth over the past decade, Panama has invested heavily in services. Therefore, living in Panama, today, is the possibility to access excellent services in terms of health, education, roads, transportation, shops, among other things.

Properties for sale in Panama offer great purchase opportunities


Comparative studies have shown that properties and real estate in Panama are highly competitive. In other words, people can access properties of the highest quality, modern, innovative, and with excellent infrastructure, at lower prices than in the United States and European countries. This is because, moreover, the real estate sector in Panama has been adapting to the new needs and demands of the market. It is a sector that has continued to reinvent itself and one of the most currently moving.

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Benefits from investing in properties in Panama


In addition to the above factors, we can highlight other benefits to invest in a property in Panama:

  • It is the country with the second most important free-trade zone in the world
  • High level of security
  • Very low incidence of natural disasters
  • Average economic growth of 8% over the last decade
  • Upstream economic projections for the country
  • Privileged geographical position with excellent trade connections with other American markets, including the Asian and European markets
  • Real estate market with constant capital flows
  • Convenient real estate tourism for the generation of future income in rents and sales
  • Dollarized economy, a benefit that favors especially foreigners
  • Migration system with great benefits
  • Regarded as the best destination in Central America for retirement


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