What is home staging and how does it help selling a property in Panama?

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Home staging is a concept that has been increasingly used in the field of real estate in Panama. In this sense, the term stage is one of the best ways to understand what this concept represents since it is about generating a scenario that will be seen by the public.

What is home staging?


Following the above, we can say that home staging consists, basically, of putting on stage a property that will be seen by people which look to purchase a property in Panama. They are also strategies that aim to improve the appearance of a property for sale, attract potential buyers and generate attention on it.

The concept of home staging was created around the 1980s by Barbara Schwarz, an interior decorator. What she did, at the time, was to develop a marketing technique that was effective in achieving a neutral but attractive aesthetic in the appearance of the properties that want to be sold. We can say, then, that it is about is preparing a property for sale using some fundamental principles. Some of these are the intervention of physical space, depersonalization, and aesthetic photography.

How to make a good home staging to sell a property in Panama?


If you are looking to sell a property in Panama, home staging is a concept to consider. Next, let’s look at some tricks to consider to apply and achieve the best results.



This is undoubtedly one of the most important keys to home staging. This means momentarily removing personal items from the home or resulting in a very personal imprint of the owners. This is because the goal of home staging is that potential buyers can visualize themselves living there. But, of course, if what you see all the time are family photos or objects that refer to very specific tastes of the current owners, that feeling can become difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to remove those decorative elements, photographs, and personal objects that demonstrate a specific personality of the place.



Another key point has to do with clearing the house. When a person is inhabiting a place often it is not taken the dimensions of the space correctly. However, when putting a property up for sale, this can be a huge mistake, as it can negatively condition the perception that prospective buyers have regarding space. Therefore, the second step is going to be to clear the spaces and eliminate all the furniture that may be over or that does not contribute to the whole.

A clear example of this can be seen on sofas. If a house is very large, a person can afford to have two sofas in the living room. But if it is a small space, it is important to think about the functionality of the space, so it might be advisable to remove one so that potential buyers have a better picture and perception of what they may want to buy.

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Everyone who is going to buy a property knows that the cleanliness and final aesthetics of the house are something that will depend on it. Despite this, there is no worse impression than getting to visit a property and that it is dirty. This can not only lead to discomfort but can also raise doubts for buyers about the true state of the property.



Just as cleaning happens, if you are looking to sell a home in Panama, the order is very important. We must keep in mind that much of the purchase decision is purely emotional. Therefore, people who arrive at the property to buy must feel the space pleasant, they should feel comfortable. They just want to be there and be able to imagine themselves in that place.



Finally, many people hire the service of those who engage in home staging for these tasks. Anyway, if you’re looking to do it on your own, the final step of this strategy is decoration. Certainly, if you are thinking of selling, you do not need to invest large amounts of money in decorating the house to be left. However, some small changes that do not cost a large amount of money can substantially change the appearance of ownership and arouse greater interest from potential buyers. From wall painting to small neutral sets, they can be great bets for the final feeling you want to achieve in visitors.


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