Tips for Renting in Panama: Part 2

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7. If cable TV is important to you, make sure your rental comes with it. Companies like Cable Onda or SKY TV have more than 200 channels – some of the channels are in English all the time and others have shows in English some of the time or Spanish and other languages. If Cable TV is not included, NetFlix and Amazon shows are a good choice and available too.

8. If renting in the warmer coastal area is your choice, you will need air conditioning. Most of the properties will have an air conditioner, but there may not be one in every room. Before you rent, run the air conditioner to see how noisy it is and to make sure that it cools the room and which rooms even have an air conditioner. In the mountain areas though, air conditioning is not necessary.

9. Always get a lease agreement in writing and translated so you know what you are agreeing to. Verify that what is written in the lease includes everything that comes with the rent, like electricity, water, Cable TV, internet, gardener, etc. Also make sure the lease specifies the length of the lease and how rent will be paid. Most landlords prefer CASH deposit and will not take a check or credit cards for rent.

10. There are many properties for rent that come fully furnished with almost everything you need. Before signing the lease, make sure there is an inventory list of all the items included and get your landlord to sign off on it.

11. If you don’t have a car or plan to rent one, you will need to rent a property that is close to town. If the property is not close to town, and renting or buying a car is not an option for you, you could take a taxi or the bus. It could be a hassle so consider that before you rent.

12. There are a lot of people who come to Panama during high season (December through March) from places with colder climates, so it is harder to find a rental property during that time. Some landlords will raise rent prices during the high season, so it’s best to come when it’s not high season. You will enjoy more selection of properties to rent and better prices too.

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