Tips for Renting in Panama: Part 1

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Rental prices vary and mostly depend in the area you select to rent in. If you choose to rent in Panama City, Coronado, Boquete and Boca Chica, you should know they are some of the most expensive for rentals or home purchases. There are other areas which have more affordable rentals, such as Las Tablas, Cerro Punta and David. Prices get more affordable as you move away from the town center or the beach.
When renting, flexibility is important. The less you are picky about the things you must have in your apartment, the easier it will be to find a rental. Landlords are different in their demands. Some will agree that you take pets and some won’t. Some will accept a family with children and some won’t.

Before renting in Panama, here is a list of things to consider:

1. There are properties, especially in in warmer areas that don’t have a water heater. Therefore, don’t assume that there will be hot water at the property you want to rent. Some houses only have hot water in the shower, but no hot water at the kitchen sink or any other places. Before renting, ask if there is hot water at all faucets.

2. “High speed internet” does not mean it has what you would consider “high” speed. Before renting, try and find out who the internet service provider is in that area. Unless it is Cable & Wireless or Cable Onda, be prepared to pay a lot for less. Don’t expect to have high internet speeds in properties with the best views.

3. Renting a property that has a reserve water tank is important. Some municipalities turn off water when getting closer to the end of the dry season (April and May), which results in low water pressure or no water at all, so the reserve water tank will provide you with constant water pressure throughout the year.

4. You should never rely on the photo of the property when renting a house. Photos won’t show many things that you might not like, like noisy neighbors, noisy pets or noisy teenagers practicing on their drums or listening to loud music all day. Make sure you visit the neighborhood at various times of the day.

5. Getting a house with clay or cement tile roof is much preferable over a noisy metal roof.

6. It is advisable to rent a property with a paved road rather than dirt roads, to ensure easy access to your property in the rainy season.

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