The process of finding a home that suits a person’s desires and needs at a particular time is not a simple thing and can take a while. However, when found, everything begins to take shape. But there is still something left to do and it has to do with the realization of the offer for housing. This can be much more complex than it looks. Therefore, if you are looking for properties for sale in Panama, then we will give you some tips to consider when making an offer.

Set limits

Whenever an offer is made for a property, there are trading moments. However, it is very important to have limits when dealing with them. Therefore, what is recommended is to talk to the real estate agent who accompanies the purchase process to indicate the limit of money that can be offered and the position that will be taken when facing the negotiation.

With a clear limit, it is easier to carry out the negotiation. Also, it is important to have a trusted real estate agent who accompanies the whole process and who can provide advice on the best ways to bid for a home in Panama.

When considering the maximum amount of money you are willing to invest in the property, it is important to choose an amount that allows the money to also reach for expenses that are generated in the transaction itself. It is advisable to avoid offering an amount of money that substantially changes the lifestyle you have at that time, to avoid major inconveniences. To do so, you can set a clear and accurate monthly budget from which you get the amount of money available for the property.

Having credit security



Most people go to mortgage loans when looking to buy apartments or homes in Panama. Before making an offer, it is very important to be sure that the requested mortgage credit will be received from the financial institution consulted. In fact, what is recommended is to wait to receive at least one pre-approval of the requested loan.

One thing that is recommended in these cases is the 30% rule. What this indicates is that the monthly mortgage credit amount should be calculated on the money you have for expenses, but not on salary. In this way, you must set the payment days with the value of the real estate offer.

Make an initial deposit

When you are certain that the property that has been found is the property you want to live on and it has been verified that it meets the necessary characteristics, what is recommended is to make an initial deposit that functions as a hitch to make it a guarantee in the real estate agency. What is achieved with this is that the owner knows that has a real and secure interest in buying the property. Typically, the initial deposit is required to represent a third or a quarter of the total value of the property on the market.

Know the legal terms

Before carrying out an offer for a property, it is very important to know about the clauses established in the contract. This can be done by processing all the information to the real estate agent, to correctly understand what the process will be like.

Also, most property offerings include possible housing contingencies. These are considered protection for the buyer and must be done legally in the contract. In case the house needs repairs, this must be reported to the owner so that he knows the damage well. Certain repairs may be negotiated and others that the owner will determine are left to the buyer. All of this must be established in a contract to be transparent.

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Determine the duration of the offer

Finally, when an offer is made for a property, it must also determine how long it will last. Both parties must know that the offer does not last forever and that it is the buyer who can choose the duration.

When you notice that the market is very active, what is recommended is that the bid deadline is shorter. In general, the time limit given to the seller to decide whether or not to accept the offer varies between 30 and 60 days. However, this may vary, as some homeowners prefer long periods to be able to find a new home to move to when they have already received an offer for the current home.

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