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One of the aspects most people consider when moving into a new home has to do with the benefits of the area for their lives. Therefore, schools are considered, their presence and quality, the proximity to hospitals and medical centers, the shopping centers nearby, among other things to be able to project the lifestyle to be had in a new house or apartment. In this sense, we can say that comfort, safety, and projection are important aspects taken into account when making a purchase. Likewise, one preferred alternative is real estate development projects.

What is a real estate development?


What we know as a real estate development, seeks to integrate all services in one place. Housing structures are developed in which we seek to cover all the needs of people with a special interest in ensuring the comfort, safety, and tranquility of people.

If you are looking for a property in Panama, real estate developments can be an excellent alternative, an idea that has been applied in real estate for years. What you’re looking for especially, is to improve people’s lifestyles. Many of these projects are also known as mixed development, which integrates companies in residential spaces that can generate employment, shops, green spaces, recreational areas, among other aspects. Its main objective is to generate a complete and secure community where people can access what they want and need in the same space without having to drive long distances, and also a way to create links between those who share these spaces.

Benefits of real estate projects in Panama


What real estate development projects do is promote the flow of the city. In addition, they significantly reduce the distances taken for everyday activities. This is also an incentive for people to move through walking spaces, which is also expected to reduce environmental pollution generated by the use of over-vehicles worldwide. We can highlight the following benefits as well:

  • Decreased distances between spaces where people live, enjoy, work and study.
  • Stronger sense of community.
  • Better use of city spaces.
  • New spaces were created to encourage interaction, and maintenance of green spaces and entertainment.
  • Reduced distances needed to access day-to-day products and services.

Nowadays, in Panama, you can find different alternatives to real estate development projects. Some of the most relevent can be Panamá Pacífico, Costa del Este, and Condado del Rey.

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Why invest in real estate development projects in Panama?


If you are looking for a home in Panama, a real estate development project can be an excellent alternative. Panama has long become an increasingly attractive destination for living, studying, working, and investing. The main reasons to live in Panama are as follows:

  • It is an international territory: few countries have a culture as globalized as Panama’s. This not only generates great diversity but also promotes the necessary conditions for people from all over the world to choose Panama as a place to live.
  • The laws favor investment: the country has a legal system that favors the ease and security of investment in the territory, ensuring a good profit ratio.
  • Competitive properties: in Panama, it is possible to find properties with unbeatable locations, all necessary services, safe areas, and good infrastructure development at very competitive prices than in other countries of the region.
  • It is a financial and business capital: for a long time, the country has become a territory of great appeal for companies from all over the world. Panama is regarded as financial capital while possessing a large commercial and business in rent which expands the profits for those who wish to invest or live in the country.

If you are interested in investing in real estate in Panama, a real estate development project can be an excellent alternative. At MLS  Acobir  you can find the best properties and real estate projects, with the professional assistance of more than 400 real estate agents with extensive experience and knowledge to help you find the best alternative for you. In addition, to have the best advice, MLS has a modern map and filters adapted so you can find the right property for you.



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