What is real estate exclusivity in MLS?

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MLS is a program specially designed to contain a list of properties that are available on the market, organized by categories. In turn, it contains a history of homes sold with a particular period. The profits of selling and buying properties in Panama with MSL are multiple. However, on this occasion, we are interested in talking about one of its main characteristics: real estate exclusivity. What is real estate exclusivity? What’s it for? What are its benefits? We’ll see all of this below.

What is shared real estate exclusivity?

MLS works with a shared real estate exclusivity system. When an owner enters into a contract for the sale of a property with a real estate agent who is associated with an MLS, has a direct and personal relationship only with the agent who has been working. However, the property may be sold by any other real estate agent associated with that MLS. Once the house enters the system, it has monitoring and supervision of the real estate agent who has captured it but has the possibility of being sold by other agents or real estate establishments. One of the main results of this is that properties for sale in Panama tend to take less time to sell.

Another aspect to mention about this has to do with the investment in advertising for that property being borne by the agent or the agency that has captured it. Despite this, the other agencies or agents that are associated with MLS can also advertise the property on its websites and the MLS Acobir website, so the property has more exposure on the market.

The benefits of real estate exclusivity

Taking into account the above regarding the characteristics of real estate exclusivity, it is time to know its benefits. There are many of them, especially when thinking about customers and sellers. Some of the main benefits of shared real estate exclusivity are as follows:

  • The purchase process is much faster than without this system
  • The agent who has taken up the home has an obligation to market well and put a lot of effort into the sale of that property
  • Commissions are distributed and do not imply an increase
  • The house also has the support of a large team of real estate agents and agencies that will help your property sell
  • Great investment in money and time is achieved for marketing strategies
  • With this system, you get the guarantee that the properties will be offered at a single price
  • Sellers will agree to the personalized accompaniment of an agent who will look after their interests, while many other agents offering their property

MLS features

In addition to the above, it is important to note that, when selling properties in Panama, MLS allows agents to find homes according to the specific requirements of each customer. In addition, they can share that information with them in no time. Agents can, in turn, automate the search so that they can find out a property with the characteristics that have been placed in the program according to the needs of people.

The Multiple Listing System helps agents and agencies establish which properties can be shared in the system and which are kept private. This also helps to give other exclusivity to its agents concerning competition.

Why sell with MSL Acobir?

MLS Acobir in Panama has more than 400 real estate agents in Panama associates and more than 200 real estate agencies. In addition to presenting great profits for owners looking to sell, it has great benefits for buyers. Among these, we highlight the consolidation of information, a considerable increase in the offer of real estate that clients can access, greater transparency and security, the representation of a broker, the specialization of the agent, among other great benefits.



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