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You’ve found a new apartment or a house you really like which is located in a great neighborhood and you are ready to sign that lease contract? Before taking that step, take the time and try and find as much as you can the person or company who operates the place you wish to rent: The landlord, the property manager or property management company.
Check out these five easy ways to check your landlord’s reputation before signing your lease:

1. Use Google

The first thing to do is a simple Google search of your landlord’s name or property management company. This may help uncover any misbehaviors or misdeeds.
Some places online let tenants anonymously review their apartment complex, landlord or property management company, so it’s a good idea to look there also.

2. know your future neighbors

In case you are moving into an apartment complex, take the time to walk around and ask some tenants when you see them, about the landlord or the management company. Don’t be shy and start a conversation about the place and how it’s like to live there. If you meet tenants who have already been living there for a while and renewed their lease, this is a good sign that could show on a positive relationship between the landlord and the tenant. Find out if they have any complaints and how the landlord or the management company handled those complaints.
In case this is a single family home you are moving into, try and have a conversation with the current tenants. You might need to ask the landlord’s permission for that.

3. Interview them

Before the Landlord or the property management company sign a contract with you, they will probably ask you questions. This is your time to ask them questions too.
Ask them regarding repair requests and how they handle them, ask them if the landlord lives nearby or in a different city or country and ask about the process of moving in and moving out.
They should have no problems answering your questions.

4. Trust your instincts

If you have any doubt, trust your instincts. Pay attention to the following:

1. It’s a big apartment, great neighborhood but the price seems too low.
2. The rental terms are unclear.
3. The landlord or the management company are reluctant to answer your questions.
4. The landlord isn’t patient and tries to rush you through the rental process.

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