Moving Nightmares And How To Prevent Them

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No doubt moving can be a stressful experience with problems that can appear along the way of the relocation process. Here are two of them and how to avoid them.

Nightmare #1 – Bad movers

• You and the movers agreed on a time for them to come. The agreed-upon time comes but no moving truck is on the horizon. This will result in stress and wasted time.
• The movers are inexperienced and don’t have the proper equipment to keep your items safe.
• The movers are trying to scam you – telling you there are extra services and therefore asking more money than previously agreed. They will not give you back your items until you pay that extra fee.

In order to avoid such nightmares, you need to research your movers prior to hiring them. You need to make sure they are licensed, professionals and that you can trust them. If possible, it is suggested to purchase insurance for your belongings.

Nightmare #2 – Traffic problems

• The moving truck is delayed because it is stuck in a traffic jam. If they are stuck for too long, you might have to postpone the relocation to another day.
• There has been an accident on the road and the moving truck can’t move until normal traffic is restored. A worse scenario is that the moving truck is involved in an accident, which can result in losing your belongings or receiving them damaged.
• The truck breaks down on the road, so you will have to wait until the moving company sends another truck. In this case, your belongings can get damaged while being transferred to the other truck.
• There is no available parking space in the neighborhood, so the movers have to circle around until they find an appropriate parking space. Another issue is that the only parking space available is far away from your home’s entrance. This may result in a
long-carry fee.

Traffic accidents or breakdowns are out of your control, but reserving a parking place in front of your both old and new homes, is something you can definitely do.

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