When you buy a new house, or simply you want to change the style of your house, you get excited with new ideas for decoration and many of these ideas are a bit difficult to execute, so in this article we will dedicate it to your house decor.

Cushions only the essentials

Do not exaggerate many or so few. The sofa in your home should be comfortable so try not to exaggerate, with about four is enough for a 3-person armchair.

Beds the resting place of your house

To make your bed the best place in your house or apartment, and look voluminous and with movement, always combine it with cushions of different sizes and textures. Among the cushions that give freshness and warmth to your bed are velvet and linen. You can also make the mix you decide.

An aromatic bath in your home

Bar soaps or scented blocks are a doubly useful resource. Place them in transparent bowls so that they decorate with their colors and diverse forms, and at the same time, aromatize the bathroom, so take advantage of these soaps in your home soaps

Pictures in the rooms

The living room of your house is a space where you will spend most of the time, one of the tips that you can get a lot of benefit and will give much value to your room is to place large paintings that match your decor, this will give a different touch to your house.

The lamp in the dining room of your house

An essential element of each house or apartment is the lamp of the dining room, since this gives an impressive touch, but at the same time cozy. Always try to choose one that is proportionate to your dining room, one that does not look exaggeratedly big or small in relation to your dining room set. The material you choose depends a lot on your decoration, but the glass is very good for most of the decorations in the home.

More space in the bathroom

If the bathroom of your apartment is too small, and what you want is to give a touch of space, you can do the following, paint the floor and the walls of the same color, or put the same blue color shades in both places. We give you this advice because most bathrooms have different blue colors on their surfaces, but this makes everything look much narrower. Another tips that you can do to add amplitude is placing a mirror on top of the sink.

Houses with long curtains

It’s a unique style and they always look good. Houses that have windows and long curtains are very elegant. When buying your curtains, always add about 10 cm more to the length so they can hang with style and movement.

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