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One of the most important decisions that a person will make in his life is to invest in the purchase of a property either house or apartment, due to the fact thas this carries a long-term commitment with a financial entity, in addition to committing a great part of the monthly income in cancelling the letters for the payment of the property.

MLS Acobir is one of the safest real estate portals in Panama in the real estate market, so if you search through this way, you will have zero risks of having disadvantages with your search, since we have certified agents and a wide inventory; however, it is important that you take considerations to avoid inconveniences.

Here is some recommendations

Check your finances:

You must be aware of your capacity of debt and payment, before thinking about acquiring a property in Panama, no matter if it is a house or an apartment.
Another thing is to be very sure that your income and savings are enough to pay the bills at the required time.


Bear in mind, that the property that you are going to acquire is nearby to important places for you, such as schools, work office, hospitals, malls and some other place of relevance for you and your family; in Panama, this is a very important point to evaluate.
Also, you have to check if you have other facilities such as transportation, if the location of your future house or apartment is safe, take it into account, because it will give you great value in the future years.


Lean on MLS Acobir where you could compare different options of houses and / or apartments and schedule an appointment with the agents to know them physically, it is the best option placed so you will have a real view of your new home.


Find references of the developer and seller, visit other projects already finished or in process, talk with persons who already live in those real estate projects

Social networks:

It’s one of the best ways to know if the real estate providers are active, since with their publications you can be sure that it’s a company that really offers the services or products that it offers. In this case you can go to our social networks on Instagram.


It is one of the most important thing, make sure that everything is in order whether they have permissions, progress, this is mostly for new projects.

Seek financing from severals bank companies:

Analyzed in detail different proposals, before choosing a mortgage loan. Compare the rates and interests they offer, as well as the reputation and service of financial institutions.

Real estate professionals

When it comes to used housing, they can support you to know the legal conditions of the property, such as the precedents of the property, name of the owner, if the deeds are certified and to check that the whole documentation and services are in order.

With these real estate tips you will already know how to do when you go to buy your new house or apartment in Panama. Remember to get advice only by experts.

MLS Acobir, is the most preferred property list in Panama. Please contact us for all of your Panama Relocation and real estate needs.



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