How to Organize Your Kitchen

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Many people think that in order to have a functional kitchen, you need an immense space, but that is a mistake – it’s more about how you organize the space you do have!
Here are a few handy tips to get you started and optimize space you have in order to get a functional kitchen space you actually enjoy being in!

Step 1 – Take everything out

Before you begin, it’s important to see every item in your kitchen and start from a blank slate. So take everything out! When you see everything you have, think about each item you have, and ask yourself 3 questions:
Is it necessary? Does it work? Do I love it?
We realize this step can be really hard, but in order to have a functional space, this is an important step.
Once you’ve gone through your items, you should have a keep section, a throw away section and a donate section.

Step 2 – A great opportunity for a thorough clean

Since you have taken everything out, this is the perfect opportunity to give everything a good and thorough clean. It will make you feel great especially when you go to put everything back in its place.

Step 3 – It’s time to define your sections

Before you start to put anything back, the best thing to do, is to group cabinets and drawers into sections. Take a notepad and a pen and everything down, including which items belong in which sections. Here’s an example:

• Section 1: Daily use (things that are easiest to access and should be located close to the dishwasher if possible)

plates, bowls, basic glassware, cups, serveware

• Section 2 – Pantry

dry goods, spices, larger kitchen gadgets, etc.

• Section 3 – Cooking (should be located close to oven if possible)

pots, pans, dishes, cutting boards, spatulas, wooden spoons, measuring cups/spoons etc.

• Section 4 – Accessories & Storage (should be located near fridge if possible)

tupperware, food storage, food wrap, ziploc bags, etc.

• Section 5 – Coffee and Bar

coffee cups and accessories, wine glasses, shot glasses, other glassware, bar accessories, etc.

• Section 6 – Under the Sink

cleaning supplies, hand soaps, garbage bags, recycling etc.

Step 4 – Position Correctly

Now is the time to think about how you position your items. Items you use the most should be positioned at eye level and the items that are used less frequently, should be positioned further away or up higher.

Step 5 – Keep On It

After a month, reflect on how the organization is going and try to define any problem areas and reevaluate if necessary.

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