Tips to renovate a new apartment

Consejos para renovar un apartamento nuevo

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Moving to a new place is always an opportunity. It is an opportunity to start over, to change air and, also, to adapt the new place to the personality and tastes of each particular person. When it comes to décor, renovating an apartment is something that can be done in many ways and doesn’t always require a big investment of money. It’s not a difficult task, it just takes a little creativity. Next, we’ll give you some tips so you can renovate a new apartment and get the best results.

What to know before renovating an apartment


Type of renewal


The first thing to consider before carrying out this process is what kind of renewal you want to do at home. The options are diverse and can range from adding one more space to changing the color of the walls, generating a new closet or enlarging a room. You can also change the kitchen or make arrangements in the bathroom. In short, renewal options are as many as there are people in homes, so it’s important to take some time to think about exactly what you’re wanting or needing to do to make the best decisions.



Then it’s important not to hurry or get frustrated. The larger or more complex the renovation, it will certainly take longer. Therefore, when designing the work, it is important to consider that this is something that will require a certain period, so it is important to plan for what date everything needs to be ready and, based on that, schedule the deadlines of the remodel.



Finally, if you are looking to renovate apartments in Panama,it is important to think that not everything costs the same in economic terms. Sometimes a radical change in the appearance of housing can be achieved without major investment. We need to think about the results we hope to achieve and how much money we have available for that, to plan the budget and deadlines in the best way.

The first steps of a renovation


When you start the process of renovating an apartment, what you are looking for, in addition to greater comfort and well-being, is to generate a substantial change in the visual impact of the home. This visual impact must be raised from the beginning so that the tasks to be performed reflect that effect that is to be achieved.

To achieve the visual impact sought, the first thing to do is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the house. There are certain key aspects to consider, such as the color palette and the lighting of the property. These should be considered from the outset for any renewal, regardless of whether it is large or small, whether it is structural or only aesthetic.

Finally, it should be noted that when modernizing or renovating a property, it must be gained in both aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account those aspects of the property that do not work as expected or that generate discomfort. In this way, it is key to incorporate these aspects into the planning of property renovation.

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Practical solutions to renovate an apartment in Panama


Today, we have the possibility to access a wide variety of materials. These can achieve the change in appearance and refresh you are looking for, without investing a lot of money. A clear example is vinyl coatings, but it is also important to consider changes in the lighting of the house and the color of the house in general. These changes, together, will achieve a substantial modification of the visual impact, while certain problems, such as humidity, can be solved.



In real estate in Panama, painting is a key aspect to consider in any renovation or remodeling. It is classic to generate a major change in visual impact. In addition, the paint can change the level of light that is perceived within the property and also the perception of the size of it. A good choice of color can change the appearance of a home. In this sense, neutral tones are usually recommended in particular in the wider areas and on the walls, then combining with those warmer that give life to certain environments such as common environments and rooms. Also, we should keep in mind that painting on a property is a good opportunity to change plugs and replace light keys that look bad or are in poor condition.




Another change that can be made without investing large amounts of money has to do with the furniture of the property. Buying new furniture impacts substantially on the appearance of the house, but also its comfort and functionality. Sometimes, if you want to save money, you can bet on recycled furniture. But there is also the possibility to only change the furniture. Sometimes, with a little creativity, it is possible to improve the functionality of the house and its appearance with only a few changes of focus.

Floors and carpets


Finally, the floors have a big impact on the final aspect of the homes. If changing floors – if in poor condition – is somewhat costly, there are other options. Some common are floor painting and carpet placement. In either case, the appearance of the house can be substantially changed.


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