In the near future, you would like to find the financial freedom that everyone wishes for. Many options are available that allow for you to find that freedom while increasing your income, among those, are real estate investments.

Real estate investments, through the acquisition of properties that end up paying for themselves, are some of the best investments to obtain considerable income. Likewise, if the monthly mortgage installments are covered by the monthly fee of the lessees or tenants, then the rest would be income for you.

However, before embarking on this world of real estate investments or property purchases, it is a good idea to ask yourself, “in which is it better to invest, a house or an apartment?”

Before continuing, it is important to mention that both are excellent investment options. However, today we will focus on the apartment as the most convenient choice, and here we explain briefly why.

Houses have many advantages such as privacy and space, but these benefits are more significant interests to tenants, not the investors. So think twice if you are looking at this option as an investment advantage.

Another advantage related to the one previously mentioned is that living in a house does not limit you regarding rules of coexistence, such as not smoking and not having pets. These are once more, benefits for the tenant, not for the investor.

But if you want to have a high rate of return on the investment, an apartment brings excellent benefits such as lower maintenance and repair costs, and these are very important for your income.

Per square meter, the rental values of apartments are more economical for tenants, which can ensure you with a broader market to rent your property. Also, depending on the number of square meters, your contribution to maintenance costs can vary, with more beneficial results for your investment.

Location is one of the features that people show great interest in, and it is one of the characteristics they look at the most when renting a property. Generally, apartments are located in central areas near subway stations and commercial sites. Take this into your consideration.

Another factor that will be relevant and that you must take into account is that families are currently looking to have fewer children, so small spaces are not a limitation for them. This is accompanied by the fact that they are looking for a more economical option and you can provide all this with an apartment.

In conclusion, the cost of acquiring a house is much higher than an apartment, leading to the investment of purchasing an apartment as more convenient. Moreover, if you are thinking about buying a house or 2 apartments, you can calculate the cost and income, and you will be able to see a higher amplitude in the profitability if you visualize the difference.

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