Lately, more people commonly believe, regarding the sale or rental of a house, that when establishing a price and announcing it in a free real estate portal, they will be able to successfully sell or rent the property.

Many phrases like

“I don’t need anybody to sell my house.”
“Real estate brokers’ fees raise the prices.”
“The same, all those real estate brokers are the same.”

These thoughts are very wrong, and if you want to sell your property you must be aware that you will compete with many other properties, which like yours are for sale or rent. So you better become proactive and seek to make the difference to succeed in the challenge of selling a home without real estate counseling.

Real Estate marketing actions

The majority of owners do not know that you have to promote a property to sell it. They think that just posting in a free real estate website is enough, or putting up a for sale or rent sign is going to complete the process. Well, we are sorry. Today the real estate market is very competitive, and if the property is not promoted dynamically and attractively, it will not sell. That is why it is important to perform various marketing actions. These actions include: segmenting clients, preparing publicity for the asset, choosing the best media in which to communicate, and others.

Legal procedures

Wanting to sell a property involves a series of legal documentations, that if you aren’t familiar with them, can result in very tedious experiences in the process, which can cost you the certainty of selling the property. For this reason, you should always have proper real estate advice.

Selling expenses

When you are going to sell a property, you must take into account a series of expenses that must be up to date to be able to carry out the process. A real estate advisor deals with them daily, but if you are going to do it yourself, you have a great challenge. Among these expenses are municipal taxes, a DGI tax, mortgages, notary expenses, and an IDAAN document certifying that you are current on your utility payment, among others.

Visits to the property

You must be prepared to meet potential customers and have answers for all of the questions they may ask. Every word you say must convey confidence. Your attitude can make you lose the sale.

If you decided to sell your property on your own, consider all the points we indicated, or you better obtain support from a trained real estate advisor of MLS Acobir. They will guide you and give you the best options in the market because they have the knowledge and experience necessary to advise you. Remember, that is their profession.

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