One of the most important factors in the exposure of a property online, whether it is a house, apartment or other, is photography, so today we give you some essential principles that you should take into account when making your real estate photos, being an independent broker or having a real estate agency.

Property’s features for sale or rent

One of the most important points of marketing is to show or highlight the property’s features, so always keep in mind that each photo fulfills a purpose, if within a property there are distractions that block or take value of your photo, eliminate them. Take good care of the composition of your photo walls, ceilings, stairs, each of these elements are essential in the photo of your property.


If what you want is to project sensations of spaces, then you must propose to use wide angle lenses.
The angular lenses make the rooms look spacious. Usually these Wide Angle lenses do not come with the conventional cameras, you will have to invest. If you are going to acquire a lense, you should ask for the so-called 14mm to 24 mm of focus length.


Any experienced real estate professional knows that a well-groomed house sells very well, so try to make your photos look like this.  Eliminate all the garbage dumps, it is important that you check even more if there is a tenant living. If you do not project the property well it will be a little harder to get it sell or rented.

Exterior of the property

The photo with greater importance is this one from the outside, for this reason you must invest a little more time and money in realizing this image, it is the one that your prospects will see the most and it is the one that will help you to have engagement, for that you must convince them to click on your property when they see the picture. When they are houses you can take pictures about 3 or 4 meters above the street, try to see the garden if the property has, and in the case of apartments you must have an angled photo of the street or even a photo of the lobby works very well.

Light and brightness

Take care of interiors, make sure have enough light, since photos of houses or apartments well lit, will generate good impression. Always try to present environments with brightness and light. Keep in mind that cell phones and amateur cameras will take very dark pictures. In many cases you will require additional sources of light to those of the property, so you will have to invest in lamps (you can rent them), because controlling the natural light that enters through the windows will be a challenge. Lean on the practical with some lamps and generate an enlightened atmosphere.

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