How to Sell a House

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Selling your house is a big and important decision and you need to do it in a smart way. Here are some tips for you think about.

1. Find an excellent real estate agent

First thing you should do is hire a stellar agent who will negotiate the best deal for you and sell your house fast. We all like to save money, but in this case its best to use a professional agent with experience who will help you sell your house for the most money in a short time!

2. Think about the listing price

Try and think objectively about your home’s value. Don’t try to increase the value because you think buyers will try to negotiate it down anyways. It’s not how things work. Many people don’t have the time or patience to negotiate it down and will prefer a house that isn’t listed to high. The best way to determine the value of your house, is to ask a real estate agent to run a comparative market analysis.

3. Set the stage

Create an inviting house that lets buyers feel comfortable and pleasant when they enter your house. That includes a deep clean of every surface in your house: windows, ceilings, walls, doors and floors, kitchen etc. You can also think about repairing things, but know that not all repairs will pay off. So if you want to repair things in your house, you need to calculate the potential return on your investment before spending money. Usually Kitchen and bathroom improvements will provide the best returns.

4. Use technology to your advantage

Take Professional photography of your home. Pictures should be in high resolution, clear and sharp so it can look better on people’s mobile devices. You can also use social media like Facebook to help you spread the word.

5. Negotiate the contract and close the deal

Ask your real estate agent to explain to you how the contract stage works. You shouldn’t sign a purchase agreement before you are aware of all the details of what is and is not included in the agreement.

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