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Did you know that MLS emerged at the end of the 19th century (1880’s), where brokers met weekly and exchanged property listings, this gave rise to the invitation to cooperate and Promise to Compensate the Real Estate business?. By that time, the associations took responsibility for printing MLS books and distributing the information, these books of multiple listings of properties for sale, purchase or rent survived until the 90’s, however the technology of last years has revolutionized the market of MLS giving a greater focus on digital marketing revolutionizing the entire MLS industry.

But what is the MLS?

If you are still not clear with this term, with this article you will already be.
The MLS is just a method of doing business, based on the collaboration of real estate professionals to share and market properties, whether homes, apartments, land, commercial premises or others.

In Panama, MLS Acobir has more than 40 years, offering a service of multiple listings of avant-garde properties accompanied by experienced professionals who are in charge of providing advice to buyers, sellers, and investors of properties in the country, following the same philosophy of more 200 years

Benefits of MLS Acobir

  • Inventory is shared among brokers, this strengthens the exclusive figure and gives greater focus to the process of selling a property.
  • Clear Rules: Transparency, ethics results in defining commissions.
  • Synergy between Corridors = Teamwork.
  • Professionalization of Real Estate Brokerage.
  • Greater Rotation of the Inventory = Higher income of money.
  • Defined Work Parameters, through policies and Regulation, which results in ethical and professional behavior.
  • Complete and Updated Information.
  • Access to Higher Inventory = Increment of Closures.
  • Centralized Inventory = Time Saving.
  • Guarantee of Receiving Fees for Sales Management Effort during the term of the agreement.

Why the owner will choose the MLS?

For several security reasons an owner will choose MLS, since this tool allows him to differentiate the informal agent, from an agent prepared to do the whole process of selling or renting his properties.

Among other reasons are:

Professional Real Estate Agents.

Best service.

Informed and trained agents.

TRUST, work under a guild that will not have any problem with the sale. And advise you in the best possible way

Overcome the fear of agreeing to sign an MLS agreement or contract, trusting the system.

If you are an owner and you are looking for support for your process of selling or renting a property, you hace to consider that currently the market is vetoed of informality, lack of suitability, professionalism and ethics. You should trust only experts, so we recommend you check with our more than 200 real estate agents who will help you within everything you need to get great benefits from the sale of your real estate project, see here.



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