The world of real estate seems threatening, however, if those involved have goodwill it is very feasible. At MLS Acobir we have made sure that our members are professionals in the brokerage industry , appraisal and real estate promotion.

Today we present a list of points that property brokers must meet, since a real estate agent must give guarantees to the parties involved in the purchase, sale or rental process, so one of its main features is that it must be very clear.

Being an intermediary of excellence

A real estate agent must assume with much responsibility the process of selling or renting a property, since both the customers who are going to buy or what they are going to sell, must be satisfied with the service, and if they are not satisfied with its ethics. work, the broker must ensure that both parties are clear throughout the process and resolve each of your doubts.

Maintain confidentiality

Confidentiality is a commitment that an agent must always have, since it must take care of the data of both the parties that sell and those that are going to buy a property, and it must ensure that the data is kept safe and the information provided is accurate and confidential.

Advise in valuation and credit processes

Knowledge, this is one of the great characteristics that a true real estate agent must have. Given that he wants to sell or rent a property, he must know the future and past market behavior, to be able to advise correctly. In addition, in the case of purchases, the real estate agent must have the capacity to advise clients in obtaining legal documentation and everything that involves financing.


One of the codes of ethics of a professional property broker is not to hide information or tell half-truths and always communicate the details to your client.

It adapts to the needs of its customers

An excellent broker will have the ability to ‘read’ his clients. Each broker has his way of working, between those ways of keeping in touch with the client are emails, chats by WhatsApp, calls or a combination of all. In addition, always listening what the customer needs will be your biggest ally, so you can advise the best options that the market presents.

The real estate market in Panama should provide a clean sales process that leaves each of the parties satisfied. Never hesitate to place your trust in the experience of a professional, we have more than 400 agents in MLS Acobir that have everything you need.

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