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vender una casa en Panamá

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When looking to sell a house, there are several points to consider. They will depend on the final results and that the house spends as little time as possible in the market. Next, we’ll see what things to know before selling a house in Panama.

Welcome is important when you want to sell a property in Panama

Although it is one of the most underrated elements of a house, the door is a very important thing when selling a house. In real estate in Panama, it is necessary to note that the door is, no less, the entrance to a home. And, for a person who is looking to buy, it can be the entry into a new experience, a new space in which to share and in which to grow. In this sense, both the door and the facade, in general, are essential aspects to take care of when putting a house up for sale. Also, can be appealed to the placement of plants to generate the feeling of a pleasant atmosphere and in contact with nature. Lighting is essential and care must be taken to ensure that the doorbell works properly. Entry is the first impression and this must always be taken care of if you want to sell it.

The house must be clean

One mistake that is often made when putting a house up for sale is to think that people will always have the possibility to see beyond the aesthetics of space and project ourselves into a new home. While in some cases this may be true, not everyone succeeds. Therefore, showing the house having it dirty is something that can eliminate many potential customers.


When displaying properties for sale, they should look as clean as possible. Deep cleanliness and a glowing house can add up many points with potential buyers. Also, it should be noted that spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom are the most observed by customers. A dirty bathroom can create unpleasant sensations and discourage shopping. The same goes for the kitchen. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to cleaning the home when selling a house.

It is recommended to save some things

Certainly, if you are not going to move out until you sell the house, you can’t save everything. However, storing in boxes those things that are not necessarily going to be used for a while can be of great help. The more tidy the spaces are, the greater the chances of potential customers imagining themselves in that new place. Therefore, it is very important not to show crowded spaces of personal or messy objects. It is recommended to pack some things in boxes to be able to show neat spaces that allow a better projection for interested parties.

Arrangements are key

A person who is going to visit a new house knows that a broken stand, for example, is something that can be repaired. However, finding broken or malfunctioning media or objects can lead to a bad impression. Therefore, if you want to sell a house in Panama, it is recommended to try to make the small arrangements that may be needed, to show the house in the best possible conditions. In turn, this will allow potential customers to feel that sellers are responsible and neat people, creating a sense of greater security.

Lighting is critical

Lighting helps to see a home. But it’s also a way to generate sensations when selling a house. Adequate and warm lighting can generate a potential home in what was a visit to a house. It is important, in this sense, that the house is not in the gloom, that you can see well where you are going inside a home that is being visited and, also, that the lighting of the house causes good sensations.

A key aspect, in that sense, is natural lighting. It is recommended to promote natural light in the house through an adequate choice of curtains. You can also opt for light colors on the walls so that combination achieves a wide, clean, and pleasant look.

Painting changes the impression

Although it can be considered as a cost, painting is essential when selling a house. A well-painted house will generate good impressions on potential customers. If the house is for sale, it is recommended to go to light colors, such as white, to achieve a clean, spacious and bright appearance. The better painted the house, the neater it will look and that will generate greater sales possibilities.

Don’t forget the garden

In case the house for sale has a garden, this is a very important aspect that will be analyzed by potential buyers. Therefore, when it comes to showing the house for the sale of properties in Panama, it is very important to fix the garden. This should look clean and as tidy as possible. You must realize that you have been careful over time. Also, if you do not have them, it is recommended to plant some flowers, which will generate a greater attractiveness and greater possibilities for people to project themselves and their families in that green space.

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