Living As an Expat in Panama: Part 2

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If you are looking for quality, then it’s more likely that homes in expat communities will have a better quality than the quality of homes in non-expat communities.

As mentioned here, you shouldn’t expect to have hot water at every faucet, but in an expat area there are bigger chances to have hot water at every faucet you have in your house. In addition, if you live in a place with a high altitude, such as Boquete, you wouldn’t even need an air conditioner. This can save you some money on electricity.

There is also an option for those on a limited budget but want to live close to an expat community. You don’t have stay in the center of the area. Living 20 min away from the expat community will make a house purchase more affordable and you will be able to participate in all the activities that the community has to offer. Either way, we suggest that you first rent an apartment or a house in Panama before buying one, and preferably for at least 6 months. It will be easier to move if you don’t like the area. It will give you the chance to try different places without the hassle of selling a house.

In regard to dining outside, the variety of restaurants in expat communities is better than in non-expat communities. You will find better food and a larger variety of dishes to choose from. in non-expat communities your choices will be much more limited, not only in restaurants, but also at the grocery stores. It’s not just restaurants. Expat communities also have better grocery stores, better malls and better pharmacies. In non-expat communities you should expect much less of a variety so there is a big chance you will need to drive to a bigger town if you need something you can’t find in your own town.

To sum up, moving to an expat community has big advantages over a non-expat community, such as more and better restaurants, food, grocery stores, activities, etc. Just like in any other country, the decision about where it is best to move, depends on your budget and your own preferences. But don’t just read about it or watch videos. Come to Panama and visit the area you want to move into.

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