What Should You Consider When Moving to a New Neighborhood or City

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When thinking about moving to a new city or neighborhood, a person must take a few things into consideration before packing his things and making the leap. Have fun in your new city!

1. Crime rate

The place may be glamorous, enticing and full with culture, but safety isn’t something you should sacrifice. Like every city, there are safer areas and more dangerous parts. Make sure to check the city’s safety ratings and crime rates before deciding to move.

2. Schools

If you have children or even plan on having children in the future, make sure to take a look at the city’s educational system. How are the graduation rates in college? Are there enough options, including public and private schools? What about after-school activities that interest you? What about the safety of the schools?

3. Cost of living

Usually the cities we want the most are also the most expensive. Take a look at things like average grocery costs, gasoline, parking etc. These can change from city to city. Decide if the cost of living is in line with your budget.

4. Public transportation and commute time

When it comes to public transportation, there is a difference between cities. In some cities, many people decide to rely on of public transportation. On the other hand, in some cities you would need to have a car as public transit isn’t something you can fully rely on. Investigate the effectiveness and efficiency of the public transit is in your desired destination and decide what is important to you.

5. Vibe and people

Do you want to move to a city that has a reputation for fun, welcoming and pleasant people and a vibrant energy? If possible, take a trip to visit your new city for a few days to make sure it meets your expectations. One of the reasons people decide to move to a new city is a change of scenery so you need to be sure that this city has the perspective that you are looking for.

6. The cost of housing

Are there significant differences in the cost of rent or mortgages between your current city and the city you desire to move to? Are you looking to buy or rent? Do you think you can find affordable and desirable homes in your target area? Make sure to find out about taxes and utility rates if your goal is to own a home.

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