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It doesn’t matter how you find your roommates: You could be friends or complete strangers. Either way, you will have to deal with issues like paying bills, treating shared apartment, and what kinds of behavior and habits are acceptable or not. It might sound boring, but it’s important in order to make the arrangement work. Here are a few tips for you:

Social media research

If the person who is going to share the place with you is a stranger, it’s advisable to do a social media research about this person before he moves in with you. Facebook and Instagram can sometimes give you valuable information about their day or late night habits.

The fridge

If you don’t want your yoghurt to be stolen, solve these issues by allocating shelves to each person and agree which of the things everyone can use and which are personal and can’t be touched.

Bathroom schedule

No one likes to take a cold shower in the winter. The solution is to set a bathroom schedule that works for all of you. Try and put a clock on the wall of your bathroom. It might sound too much, but it can definitely help when you don’t pay attention you just lost 30 minutes.


It’s best to share the electric, gas, and Internet accounts right when you move in. Each one should be in charge for different tasks. One roommate can be in charge for writing the rent check and the other roommate can pay the utility bills and deduct their roommate’s share from the amount they transfer over for rent.


No one wants to have arguments about chores, so chores need to be spoken about early. Each person should have a specific chore that is their responsibility. You can have a chore chart and once a week or a month, rotate the chores. This will help you in the long run and everyone will be happy.


It doesn’t matter if you’re going to live with your best friend or a stranger, you need to be able to communicate freely and openly and respect others’ opinions. This is the best way to avoid potential conflicts.

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