6 Ways to Spot A Good Real Estate Agent

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In our lifetime we will probably buy a house once or twice. When you are looking for real estate in a new country, either to buy or rent, it’s important to find the right agent.


It’s important your agent will be a good communicator and always stay in contact with you. You need an agent that will always keep you updated about your buying, selling or renting situation so you won’t miss out on great opportunities.


If you find yourself constantly calling your agent, this means they are not providing you with enough information. A good agent should be proactive, call potential buyers and communicate with existing customers.

They listen to you

An agent who talks too much isn’t always a good thing. A good agent should be asking all the questions and it’s you who should be doing most of the talking, making sure your agents understands your needs.
Different clients prefer different ways of communication, and it’s the agent’s responsibility to communicate with the client’s preferred method of communication so they don’t feel ignored.


A good agent will always put the client’s needs on their top priority. It’s the agent’s interest: If the client gets a good deal, the agent gets a good deal. The client needs to feel supported and happy, and it’s the agent’s job to make sure of it.

They are familiar with the local area

Real estate agents don’t just sell you a home; they’re selling the life that comes with it, which requires a profound understanding and knowledge of the local area. Any property agent will be also familiar with the future development of the area: Upcoming train stations, malls, parks, schools, nearby activities for kids etc. Make sure to ask many questions to make sure they know the local area.

They know your time frame

An agent needs to know if you are in a hurry to sell or if you need to settle soon, therefore he should be working to a tighter time frame to accommodate to your requirements. On the other hand, if the client isn’t in a hurry, the agent can shop around and advise the client to wait for a better deal.

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