Why do MLS Acobir real estate agents make a difference in Panama?

¿Por qué los agentes de MLS Acobir hacen la diferencia en Panamá en bienes raíces?

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The real estate market in Panama is constantly growing. In this sense, professionals are required to be able to adapt to the changing demands of the sector and to the needs of people. In this sense, MLS Acobir real estate agents make a difference in terms of the real estate market in Panama.

What is the role of a real estate agent?


A real estate consultant is responsible for carrying out the transaction and selling or renting a real estate property. It is the intermediary between the parties involved, who are the buyer, the seller, the banks, the government administrations, among others. Additionally, it carries out the bureaucratic, economic and legal process. In addition, an agent can manage, manage and monetize real estate companies. They are people who accompany customers throughout their entire process.

What is Acobir?


MLS Acobir is the Panamanian Association of Brokers and Real Estate Promoters. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1973. It develops work of union representativeness in the real estate sector. Acobir maintains its leadership over time through permanent actions for the benefit of industry, investment facilitators, change promoters, home builders.

“Since its inception, its mission has been to bring together professionals in the real estate industry, who offer services under the parameters of their status and code of ethics, depending on comprehensively strengthening professionalism through good practices. We were thrusters in 1999 of Decree Law No. 6 of July 1999 “Regulating the profession of Real Estate Broker” in the Ministry of Trade and Industries and its regulation by executive decree of November 7, 2001 and resolution No. 002-2001 adopting the code of ethics”.


Today, MLS Acobir real estate agents have significant support. More than 400 real estate agents are currently part of Acobir, as well as more than 200 agencies working under strong ethics and clear values.

Vocational training in real estate agents


Additionally, MLS Acobir has a platform specifically aimed at training real estate agents in Panama. It’s about Eduacobir. Eduacobir courses are structured in a virtual and online way so that each person eager to form has the possibility to organize and advance at their own pace. It is an opportunity to be a manager of learning itself, accessing knowledge, tools, and innovations essential for the industry.

Eduacobir focuses especially on teaching keys and strategies that help create and enhance a real estate business. Workshops and courses are provided on various topics related to the sector, with a very wide portfolio of programs. These are designed for both members and non-members, national and international. They are workshops that bet on innovation. They strengthen the skills and skills needed for successful professional performance, within the framework of a changing market such as the real estate market in Panama. That is why MLS Acobir real estate agents are widely trained for the task they perform.

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What characterizes MLS Acobir real estate agents?




Those people are professionals with great ability to visualize the success they seek and have the confidence to achieve it. They develop different strategies and tools to lead to the fulfillment of their objectives and, therefore, the objectives of customers.



They are people with great adaptability and constantly in the process of innovation and learning, allowing them to adapt to the new trends and needs of an increasingly changing sector such as real estate. They are professionals who are always in the process of training.



Real estate agents in Panama have to have good bargaining power. It’s key to every industry advisor. The agents that are part of MLS Acobir make a difference because they are able to generate new forms of negotiation according to each situation.

Knowledge of the area


Finally, every real estate agent must have a strong knowledge of the area. At MLS Acobir, real estate agents have an important level of industry knowledge in Panama, as well as the new demands and needs of the sector and the population. Therefore, they are trusted professionals to carry out any transaction.

At MLS Acobir you will find the best real estate professionals in Panama. If you are looking for a house or apartment in Panama or are interested in selling your property, here you will find the best advisors.



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