What to Pay Attention To When Renting An Apartment in Panama City

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When you move to another country, you need to get used to new cultural nuances, which can sometimes be frustrating. When moving to Panama, you need to get used to Central American culture.
There are many apartments in Panama City. If you wish to rent an apartment in Panama City, you must do some research regarding the different neighborhoods, the types of rental properties typically available, and cost based on size and location.

When looking at apartments in Panama City there are some important factors to avoid like noise. Avenida Balboa, Via Argentina, Transistmica, Calle 50, Via Porras, and Tumba Muerto are the biggest streets in Panama City and have nice apartments for rent, but they also generate the worst traffic jams and vehicle noise.

A loud neighbor is another problem. Unfortunately, Common courtesy in Panama isn’t something you should be expecting. Many times you will hear people in apartment buildings playing loud music or even a group of people laughing and talking noisily late at night. This is a good time to ask your real estate agent to talk to some neighbors to see if this is a repeated problem in the building. Knowing details about your future neighbors will make a big difference on deciding to rent in a specific building.

Panama City buildings vary from very old to brand new. Use your real estate agent and ask him to investigate leaking water issues, parking space problems, social area restrictions, etc.
Give extra attention to the sink, windows, electricity, and plumbing in the apartment. It is definitely worth it to hire an expert to inspect the structure of the apartment you want, before deciding to rent it.

Another important thing before you rent, is knowing the apartment owner. If the owner lives far away and something in the apartment needs fixing, he will not be available to deal with that. In that case, you need to make sure the owner has a property manager in Panama City who can perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs, or else, you will have to deal with the repairs yourself or pay a local expert to fix things.

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