8 Tips to Keeping a Clean House

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Weekend is here, and the last thing on your mind is that you want to spend it by cleaning the house instead of relaxing and having fun. keeping a clean house during the week will save you a lot of work during the weekend.

1. Keep your bed tidy

When you enter a room, the bed is the first visible thing you see. A messy bed can make the room look messy too, so make your bed tidy every morning and tuck in the sheets.

2. Empty the dishwasher

Dirty dishes in the sink can make your kitchen look like a mess. Emptying a fully packed dishwasher shouldn’t take long, so spend about 5 – 7 minutes to empty the dishwasher in the mornings.

3. Finished a meal? Clean up!

If you don’t want your kitchen look disgusting, keep the countertops clean by wiping them down and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

4. Do laundry daily

Many people spend their entire weekend doing loads of laundry instead of doing one load every day. Take the laundry sorting hamper that has the most clothes and start a load before going to work.

5. Clean the sinks and the faucets

Splatters from toothpaste and hairs in the bathroom sink look awful. Take a minute to wipe the sinks and faucets after you get ready for work, and teach your kids to do the same in their bathroom, also.

6. Sort and recycle paper

Papers tend to pile up on the kitchen island and on the table. Prevent this by dealing with the mail early when you walk in the door and put bills and letters in a mail sorter.

7. Use floor mats

It’s advisable not to wear shoes in the house, which will greatly reduce the dust in the house. In addition, placing floor mats inside and outside of exterior doors, will keep most of the dirt out. Make sure to clean the mats too by vacuuming or shaking them outside.

8. Tidy the kitchen and dining table before you go to bed

Before you go to bed, look at the kitchen and put away any clutter you see and do the same for your dining table. Don’t let things pile up before you go to bed.

Following these tips to keeping a clean house doesn’t take more than a few minutes every day, but they’ll keep your home looking clean and save you a lot of work during the weekend.

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