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Panama City offers many great things, but high-quality public education is not necessarily one of them. Unfortunately, public schools in Panama are not as good as those in other developed nations. It seems that too many schools hire inexperienced teachers, are not funded properly, and don’t provide enriched learning environment, hence many people continue to send their children to private schools.
One area with a particular wealth of strong options is San Francisco. It is located in the central and offers lots of dining options, a relaxed atmosphere and many great schools.

Jardin de Niños

Suitable for younger learners, Jardin de Niños is known one of the best daycare preschools in Panama City. It offers four levels for students starting from 18 months up to four years.
Students learning at Jardin de Niños learn by having fun. Majority of the teachers in that school are experienced with more than 10 years of experience. The teachers and the students have strong relationships and they provide a supportive environment.

Wisdom Academy

Another excellent option for young learners is the Wisdom Academy. The school is suitable for students offers at the ages one to seven and it is an incredible option for early education. The main focus of the school is on the social and emotional development and it encourages learning through everyday experiences. Children will learn languages such as Spanish, English, Italian, and French along with important skills such as teamwork, sharing, and responsibility.

York International School

Suitable for prekindergarten students through eighth grade. This school was one of the first schools in Panama to focus their instruction on the theory of multiple intelligences.
York International School develop students to prepare them for the academy and provide them with strong values. This school continues to receive great reviews and recommendations from parents and maintain a strong sense of community.

El Colegio de Panamá

This school earned outstanding reputation for its high-quality education. Suitable for students from prekindergarten through high school. Students in this school are working one-on-one with a teacher, in small groups, or working online in individual programs. Students participate in courses like Jiu-Jitsu and soccer to programs in order to develop and enhance leadership skills. Parents sending their children to this school can be confident that their children will be more than prepared for college and the outside world.

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