The best apartments for sale in Panama are in MLS Acobir

Los mejores apartamentos en venta en Panamá están en MLS Acobir

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Panama is an increasing country. It has long been considered one of the best countries to live in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, it is considered one of the best places to move out as a foreign resident. Whether for young people who are planning to start their studies or start working, families, or the elderly, the country presents a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Panama, the best is in MLS Acobir.

Reasons to search for apartments for sale in Panama


If you are looking to buy properties in Panama, the apartments are one of the most sought-after alternatives. Many are the reasons and benefits of buying apartments in this country. Some of the most important are the following:

  • Equal rights for foreigners when buying an apartment
  • Low costs compared to some European and American countries
  • Diversity of completed and under construction real estate projects
  • Widely developed service infrastructure for both basic services and telecommunications
  • World’s most important and diverse banking center
  • Benefits for retired foreigners
  • Wide availability of condominiums

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Where to live in Panama?


Thinking about the best place to buy apartments in Panama? the options are diverse. In MLS Acobir you can find the best apartments in the best areas of the country. One of the favorite areas is East Coast. It is a relatively new area, well designed and orderly. It has quiet residential areas and also large buildings. In terms of services it is a very complete sector, with access to schools, health centers, banks, offices, industrial parks and shopping centers. It also has a great diversity of green spaces.

Secondly, Balboa Avenue appears. It is an avenue recognized at the regional level, being the most modern in Latin America. In total, it has two boardwalks and six lanes. It is ideal for those looking for apartments, since it has more than 8 parks and courts, different water mirrors, fountains, green spaces, a cycle path and an important urban artistic movement.

And thirdly, we can mention Punta Pacifica. It is an area with a large multiplaza shopping center, with beautiful new buildings that combine perfectly with the residential atmosphere and with various squares and green spaces. It is an increasingly expanding site, so there are many real estate opportunities in the area.

Why buy apartments in Panama with MLS Acobir?


MLS Acobir has more than 400 real estate agents and more than 200 partner agencies. When a person comes to Acobir to search for a property, they can count on the backing of a network of highly trained professionals and connoisseurs of the Panamanian real estate market.

The professionals who are part of MLS Acobir know perfectly the real estate market in Panama.  They are suitable real estate agents, with comprehensive preparation and very extensive experience in the sector, both nationally and internationally. That’s why they have the tools and knowledge to advise people on their best options on the market. But, in addition, going to MLS Acobir is guaranteed a personalized and comprehensive management that is backed by a network of contacts of very wide services, fundamental in every operation. The agents that are part of Acobir are based on personalized service, always looking for the best solution and looking for the interests of each client.

On the other hand, Acobir has a property finder designed to facilitate customer searches as long as they receive the necessary accompaniment. This search engine filters by price range, by property type, by number of bathrooms and rooms. Through this, the client has the possibility to instantly access information regarding commercial or residential projects for sale or for rent. The system includes extensive descriptions of the properties, with photos, maps and information from the real estate broker.


If you are looking for apartments for sale in Panama, MLS has the best options for you. The most modern, most iconic, best located apartments, everything you are looking for can be found here.




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