It is true, one of the last things that buyers see when visiting a project is the bathroom, but in many cases this detail can kill a sale, so this time we will give you a top 5 of errors that you should avoid when remodeling your house bathroom.

Error 1: Ignore spaces and design

Take into account that the space must be as distributed as possible and must be functional. The bathrooms should have enough spaces so that people can move well and be comfortable, so if you are thinking about a renovation of your bathroom take into account this essential detail.

Error 2: Choose the wrong materials

This point is important since we must choose materials that are good quality and not only beautifuly, they should project a safe and reliable environment, in addition to the materials used must be resisted, remember that bathrooms are one of the spaces with higher humidity, so choose resistant materials, this applies to any other remodeling you want to do when selling or renting your house.

Error 3: Ignore storage space

It is better too much space than not enough. When you are remodeling your home and especially the bathroom try to incorporate a lot of storage space in the design. Floating shelves are never enough and with this you will surely impact that potential buyer.

Error 4: Forget Ventilation

Ventilation is not a glamorous part of a bathroom renovation, but it is essential. Forgetting to work with enough ventilation can cause mold, fungus and other costly problems in the future. It can also make the bathroom uncomfortable, if not properly ventilated during or after a shower.

If possible, work on a combination of natural and artificial ventilation sources. A well-placed window can go a long way, but it will not be very useful in the rainy season, when an owner will not open it. Make sure you install a quality ventilation system that matches the size of the bathroom.

Error 5: Turn off the lighting plans until the end

With an attractive lighting, a good set of lights for sure will make the bathroom, one of the points that differentiate your home from the other properties for sale or rent in Panama that your potential client has visited.

Plan each space in your remodeling, organize your budget and stick to it, remember a functional and beautiful bathroom can change the perception of buying a house.

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