House or apartment, which is more convenient?

¿Casa o apartamento, cuál es más conveniente?

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Starting in a new home is a great opportunity. Not only does it allow for a change of air and detach from the above, but it is a way to start in a new environment, meet new people, organize in a different way. In short, it’s a new beginning.

Each person decides to move for a different reason. And, in this sense, the needs in each case will also be different. This time, we are interested to talk about two possibilities when moving in: a house or an apartment. We’ll talk about both alternatives to see which one’s best for you.

How to choose between a house and an apartment?


When looking for properties in Panama, we shouldknow if we are looking for a house or an apartment. There are different aspects  to consider regarding this.

The budget


Certainly, one of the most important aspects when choosing between houses or apartments is the budget. You should always look for something that is within the economic possibilities of each person or family, without the payment of the new place meaning a negative impact on the lifestyle or complications to meet the obligations of the space.

Space needs


We have to think about what we want to do in the house. To do this, we have to think about whether we are going to live alone or as a couple, whether or not we have family or are thinking about having it. But there are also other issues  to consider. For example, if you work from home you may need a little more space, both working online or if you need a workshop or home study.



An apartment or a house offers different lifestyles. People who live in apartments usually spend more time in solitude or with few people inside. However, it is an alternative that can be especially interesting for those people who do not spend so much time inside the home. In addition, today, it is possible to access apartments with balconies or terraces and with large shared spaces. The house usually achieves a somewhat quieter lifestyle and can be a good choice for those looking to spend more hours of the day inside the home.



Not everyone needs great privacy to feel comfortable in their new home. However, it is essential to think about how important this is to each particular person. Sometimes a home can offer more privacy than an apartment. However, this will depend on other aspects such as location, proximity to other homes, among other things.

The time to stay


Finally, another aspect that must be taken into account to choose between apartments in Panama and houses is the time of stay. Not everyone moves to a place thinking about staying for many years. Usually, when a short stay is expected, you usually go to apartments, as they may require less time spent on cleaning and maintenance, among other benefits.

Benefits of living in an apartment


Now we will move on to the pros and cons of living in apartments. One of its main disadvantages has to do with size, when compared to houses. However, it is also possible to find small houses or large apartments, depending on this budget and location. In addition, consideration should be given to whether or not a large space is sought, as there are those who prefer small, easy-to-maintain places.

Another benefit is often related to location. If you are looking for housing near the large centers of cities or in spaces with high demand, you may find more apartments than houses today.

When it comes to security, apartments are often perceived as the best choice. This is because you live in the same building with other people. In many cases the buildings have security guards or income control. In addition, it is considered that a person entering delinquenity is less likely to go unnoticed among so many neighbors. There are also many buildings that have security cameras and systems that favor protection between the different apartments.

A disadvantage of the apartments has to do with that you are more likely to encounter some of them where pets are not allowed. Instead, in houses, this is less likely.

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Benefits of living in a home


If you are looking for homes inPanama, these are the benefits you should know about them. One of the most important has to do with privacy and the possibility of parties and encounters with others. While not all cases are the same, there is a greater chance of having more freedom of movement and action in a house than in an apartment. In addition, it is much harder to find homes where pets are not allowed.

Among the disadvantages, we can consider maintenance time. It is common for a house to be larger or need more maintenance, which does not make it ideal for those looking to spend more time outside. In addition, today, location is a factor that can affect the choice of an apartment rather than a house if you are looking to be within the large urban centers.


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