When looking to sell an apartment, there are several things to keep in mind. One of them has to do with becoming the apartment as attractive as possible to buyers so that they are interested. An important recommendation is to put yourself, for a moment, in the buyer’s place and look at the house with those eyes. Next, we’ll look at some tips for increasing the attractiveness of apartments for sale in Panama.

What kind of buyer are you looking for?


Apartamentos en Panamá

One of the questions that need to be asked when it comes to wanting to increase the attractiveness of apartments for sale has to do with what kind of buyers we are looking for. Certainly, not everything is just as attractive to all people. When people are looking for apartments for sale in Panama, they will look for something bigger whether it’s a family or something modern, perhaps, if it’s a young couple. When the apartment is located in a central and commercial area, it is likely that many of the interested buyers are rather cosmopolitan people, with an accelerated pace of living, so the apartment has to be able to reflect that dynamic life.

Taking advantage of the strengths

Every home has strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to study and be clear about the strengths, so that you can highlight them when taking photos, making descriptions, and showing the house. That increases the chances of generating sales. When you have a very spacious room, ideally it can be to accommodate the furniture and clear some things so that it is noticeable. If you have good natural light, you can bet on clear curtains or leave the windows open. If you have a nice kitchen, it is important to highlight it, which can be done with good order, with flowers, among other things.

Making partial reforms

Always, when putting an apartment up for sale, it is important to make the necessary renovations so that the house is shown in the best condition. I mean, if there’s anything about it, if there’s something that needs a little paint, if there’s something that doesn’t work, among other things, a few small reforms without too much money investment can make a difference when it comes to meeting a buyer. These are partial or dry remodels that can be done in a few days. Among these reforms, the ones that are usually most valued by buyers are as follows:

  • Repairing imperfections on walls
  • Improvements in the appearance of the kitchen
  • Improvements in the appearance of the bathroom
  • Improvements in lighting systems
  • Installing LED lights
  • New floors if these are worn
  • Painting in light tones to increase light and the feeling of space

Apply home staging

Home staging is a strategy that continues to grow in popularity. This is a real estate marketing technique. It aims to make properties look cleaner, more organized, and of greater value. What needs to be done is to plan the sale and give time to make the necessary improvements in this regard. It is something that carries very little money and that consists, rather, of small tweaks. These tweaks can be reorganizing the furniture of the house, opening the passage, changing the colors of the walls with light and clean tones, modifying the decoration, highlighting natural light, among other possibilities. Furniture can also be re-upholstered or new colors of cushion covers searched to improve visual impact.

Make essential repairs

When looking for properties in Panama, customers are looking for spaces that do not bring them many problems. That’s why, in addition to looking good, the apartments have to prove that they won’t bring problems. Asa result, it is very important to invest in essential repairs to be able to solve all kinds of problems with the electrical system, with pipes, with water, with possible leaks, among other things. Keep in mind that decoration will be of no use if these things work badly. The smooth functioning of essential services is key.

Using a good camera

While it is true that much of the customer’s decision has to do with the time they visit the house, the photos are the gateway to it. That’s why, while you don’t need to use a professional camera, the quality of photos can make a difference when it comes to a person feeling interested in a home. It is recommended, when putting apartments for sale in Panama, to look for the best times of the day to take photos, improve lighting, evaluate details, among other things.

Find good real estate agents for apartments for sale in Panama

Finally, going to space with professionally working real estate agents makes all the difference when selling a property. Therefore, it is very important to go to real estate agents to accompany the process. At MLS Acobir we have more than 400 brokers in Panama associated to help you sell your property.