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When looking for apartments, many factors need to be taken into account. A question that usually appears in many people has to do with the location of the apartment and the apartment in which they will live. There are very different opinions regarding the benefits and disadvantages of living on higher or lower floors. That’s why we’ll look at the possibilities below.

Living on a low floor: pros and cons



If you are looking for apartments in Panama, we will discuss the benefits of living on the first floor or on a low floor. We can say that one of its main benefits has to do with it being a part of the building where extreme temperatures should not be endured. It is the part where you can have a more stable thermal threshold throughout the year. Also, the light tends to be less than on the high floors.

Many people come to the front floors because they feel this gives them more security in the face of problems in the building or in the face of emergencies. For example, in the event of elevator breakdowns or power outages, climbing or going down stairs is faster and easier. In addition, it is the best alternative for people who have reduced mobility.

It is common for first-floor betrs to consider that they have greater privacy. Those who bet on this location are less at risk of disturbing other neighbors with noise or an active daily life. But, in addition, in many buildings, those who live on the first floor usually access additional spaces, such as patios or front gardens. These are often apartments with more square meters.

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One of the main disadvantages of living on the first floor has to do with not being the same amount of natural light as on the high floors. The same goes for access to clean air. In addition, in large cities, the first floor must assume an increase in outside noise and street pollution. While it is true that privacy is gained regarding sound, it is also lost when it comes to the transit of people on the streets.

Living on a high floor: pros and cons



When looking for real estate in Panama, many people love high floors. While it is true that they can sometimes be more costly economically, they are also considered to provide a better quality of life. One of the great benefits of this has to do with people not being in direct contact with what is happening on the street, on the outside. This means that street noise arrives with less intensity as well as pollution. In addition, it is not exposed to pedestrian crossings and the sounds of commercial premises.

Many people love high floors for the best view they offer. In addition, it is a way to have greater natural lighting. In Panama, for example, living on high floors is a way to have a beautiful view of the city and, in many cases, the sea. In turn, if you live on the highest floor, you should not be concerned about the noises of other neighbors, although you can take certain care not to disturb the neighbors downstairs.

While it is true that high-story apartments are not usually the largest, today, different real estate projects are committed to changing the equation. Therefore, there is the possibility to find apartments on the highest floors that have large balconies or access to terraces or grills. New trends make it more common to find shared spaces in the highest areas of buildings.



When it comes to the disadvantages of taller floors, the weather conditions are particularly noteworthy. Being at the top, heavy rains and winds, high temperatures or hail are felt more intensely than in the lower parts. In addition, you are often disadvantaged in case of emergencies, evacuations or power outages that may affect elevators.


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